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  1. Thanks got that. Up the locks at 10am and 3pm, down at 8am and 1pm. I can manage that. I'm assuming it's up to Skipton and down to Leeds. I hope I haven't got that wrong. Thanks again.
  2. No, I thought the restrictions had been lifted to Skipton. Thanks for that. I'll double check.
  3. Afternoon all. I'm setting off this weekend from Ripon en route to Skipton (and back) for my summer hols. I understand Beal lock has now been cleared, but are there any other gotchas out there that I should be aware of? This will be my first trip west of Lemonroyd, so I'm not familiar with the territory beyond there. Is there plenty of mooring in Leeds and Skipton? I clearly need to do some research on my trip before I leave, but I've asked the same question on FB (Narrowboat Owners Group) and I thought it might be wise to ask you good people for information too. Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm planning a trip to Sheffield in a month's time. When you say there are no moorings, I'm hoping you're talking about permanent ones, but that there will still be room for visitors?
  5. I don't. But I like to know what I'm dealing with. Thanks for the info. Much appreciated, all.
  6. Excellent stuff, thank you. Can you enlarge on your comments about the natives in Rotherham? Is it safe to leave the boat unattended at Eastwood lock while I explore the town?
  7. Thanks for explaining that. I don't intend to do it one day. I am planning to stop in Donny, then Rotherham before the last leg into Sheffield. I hadn't planned to stop in Sprotsborough. Thanks for all the responses.
  8. Sorry, I'm confused. By my calculations, Sprotborough to Sheffield is about 11 hours. What time rerstrictions are you referring to? Is that for the Tinsley flight?
  9. I've single handed a few times between Ripon and York. The section from Boroughbridge to York is long and extremely tedious, save perhaps for the excitement of an argument with the marina owner at Linton, and a pint of Black Sheep in the Dawnay Arms at Newton. But 6 hours of high river banks and nothing to see and no-one to talk to, with only the occasional passer-by is quite boring.
  10. I'm just starting to research a boat trip from Ripon to Sheffield and back at the end of August. I haven't had a long run out for a couple of years and I need one. So a mate and I have decided to abandon the women for a fortnight and head for Sheffield, where my mate went to Uni (he won't recognize the place after all these years!). Anyway, I'm happy enough with the route from Ripon to Dole Bank lock, having done that a few times. but I have always turned right previously at Dole Bank, and this time I'll be turning left. I've planned longish days - 6hrs or thereabouts - so that we can spend a couple of days in Sheffield, and I've got my mind on overnight stays in Selby, around Sykehouse Junction (or somewhere near), Doncaster and Rotherham before hitting Sheffield. I'm looking for any advice, tips, recommendations etc for the journey from Dole Bank into Sheffield, such as good moorings, good pubs, places to avoid. Particularly, I'd be interested in what people consider to be the best places to moor around Doncaster and Rotherham. I'm not familiar with either town and would quite like to explore, so if you know of good town centre moorings, I'd be grateful for your thoughts. Cheers all.
  11. Looks a bit like my boat, except mine is a 55ft 6 berther with the escape hatch on the right hand side. I honestly don't get the snobbery about ex-Canaltime boats. I absolutely love mine, though admittedly I have had a few mechanical problems along the way. But who hasn't, eh?. The side escape doors mentioned also have a hatch in the roof which opens to provide a space big enough for my narrow, fit frame to squeeze through if I need to escape when in the lock, though what I'll be doing in the bedroom when I should be on deck or on the lockside, god only knows! I accept that not everyone is as skinny or as agile as me. Horses for courses. I too have been planning to fit a stove. My plan is to rip out the central cabin with the 2 single berths, and the second smaller toilet - I don't need 2. My intention is to place the stove, port side, just astern of where the toilet presently is. I will try to fit a double sofa bed so that my central bedroom becomes a lounge and the stove will be well placed to heat the boat fore and aft. I'll lose some under-bed storage that way, but I think the boat will look better for it. And hopefully my ex-Canaltime boat will last me for many years.
  12. Garage by the services in Boroughbridge also does red diesel, and is reasonable about the split. This is the only canalside refueling point on the stretch between York Marina and Ripon. The BP garage in Ripon does red as well......but it's a bit of a walk from the canal!
  13. Something to bear in mind, thanks.
  14. I had a little mishap yesterday when the hose between the water filling point and the water tank came loose and flooded the bilge. I got a lot of it out using a wet and dry vac, but I can't get all of it out as I don't know where my inspection hatch is without ripping up all my lino and carpets. My boat is an ex canaltime boat, 55ft, built by South West Durham Steelcraft. Does anyone know if these boats have one before I start systematically ripping everything up?
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