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  1. Many thanks for the replies. Bit more investigation l think but they do seem a good idea.
  2. Have been reading up on compost toilets and am beginning to think that this is the way to go. We have a pump out at the moment. I would like to hear what people think who already have one/have changed to one. We are live aboards so this is a major decision, especially cost wise, thanks.
  3. I have always wondered why people put comments like this on what is a relatively reasonable comment. If read correctly my comment says manicured tow paths isn't necessary but one that u can actually see the firm ground/look out windows and not get nettle rash would b nice U are right about the mowers, and l was pleased the following strimmer didn't do right by the boat but neither did he do the edge. So I think it must b how they do it on the Macclesfield
  4. We have been cruising on the Macclesfield for a week now and was really looking forward to it, unfortunately we are very disappointed with the state of the tow paths. At the first lock u couldn't even see the bollards it was waist high with grasses/nettles and the soil was giving way. We were in luck tho as their was a C+RT worker so l told him. The scenery may b nice but u can't moor up to enjoy it. Even at the designated moorings the grass/nettles/fern reaches the top of of the windows. We couldn't moor in Macclesfield due to state of tow path. There were contractors cutting the grass but it seems the norm to leave long grass to the edges? Not until we reached Bollington were we able to have decent mooring, giving us a chance to look round. We don't want manicured tow paths but these are ridiculous.
  5. What is it with this forum and SHINY boats. I have been member couple years now, l don't always sign in when l look on the site but feel l must ask why SHINY boats get such negative comments. We were lucky enough to have our boat built (having sold our house and worked for over 40yrs. It was SHINY then and actually is still SHINY even tho we have never washed it. Not once. We have scrapes on the lower parts just like every other boat. We are friendly, non judgemental of what other boats look like. All boats were SHINY once otherwise it would b a sad state as that would mean there were no new boats being built.
  6. can can only agree with other comments, we stayed there for few days on our way to/from chester found everyone very friendly and helpful and actually liked location, but we do live aboard so look for different things. We got taxi to village.
  7. I surpose there pros and cons for redoing very muddy grass tow paths some of which we passed round wheaton aston/brood. Where l would,nt let the dog walk on, as it does make a mess. But l must say that the covering that has been done at autherley junction is really nice, don't know what it is tho
  8. Just spent couple days at autherley junction. What a lovely new tow path. We were there in june and had to go and buy some wellies it was that wet and muddy, but not anymore.
  9. Congrats and all the best for your future cruising x
  10. notebook


    Thanks for replys. Had thoughr if we had mice they would hav gone for biscuits as everything else is in containers/fridge/tins then obviously saw dog food which we will now remove into container at night. Dog would not hav brought it in. Hav had tents/caravans/motorhome over last 23 years and hav never had this before so was just really surprised. Dog will b sleeping in bedroom till hopefully this sorted as l could hear him last nite but thought he was playing with his toys ha ha
  11. notebook


    Ha ha surprised they hav'nt nicked the tissues
  12. notebook


    We hav just found mouse dropping on tv unit in saloon and dry dog food moved? We hav a special camera which we hav put in/round/behind crooks and cranies only found tiny amount of poo at mo. Think dog was disturbed last nite. Boat is only 9 months old. Advice would be much appreciated. NO scare stories please l want to b able to sleep until we can get trap or whatever. Many thanks
  13. That's where we ar, well actually moored on right as u go under bridge 1 will look out for u 2moro
  14. Aghhh right, that makes it clearer. Thanks. Must admit as a separate item why hav they found the need to change hot water tank to calorifier, it totally confuses me
  15. I was under the impression that the heated towel rail would become hot when engine was running and not just when webasto heating is being used. (Something to do with excess water thro engine). Please excuse my ignorance if this is not the case, l try and involve myself as much as possible in the workings of our boat but don't always understand.
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