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  1. ? Gawd almighty. They are not "bank accounts." They are companies which are registered in the Cayman Islands. Before I retired from the Law (because of marriage) I used to act for a lot of wealthy people who had very sound financial reasons for wanting to keep their money outside of the UK, purely so as to avoid being taxed in the UK for the dosh. That is done by choosing an offshore jurisdiction. Offshore, they are not "trusts" but brand-new companies, more usually. The companies have no liabilities locally because they are brand-new. The more primitive the place, the less
  2. Sure, the kids' Trusts are UK based. There is also nothing in them to tax. Anyone with any nous looks for the dosh, not at the brats. You help me with Darren and I'll show you how to find the stuff about Osborne's antics but I am NOT going to give you a free ride on my back. I have posted on Darren's thread this arvo: 1. Is Northwich a reasonable place? and 2. Is a Dawncraft a reasonable boat? You help me and I'll help you but not unless and until.
  3. Try again. The details are in the public domain if you look. However, I am not going to lift a finger of my own to help you to find them when you won't do anything to help me to help Darren on the other thread. Helping people is a TWO way street, so you reap what you sow. Spend more time on the Internet and you will soon discover that Osborne's children are not the only people benefitting out of the Cayman Islands but the UK taxpayer does not exactly win from the arrangements. The tax-arrangements are legit. They are "tax avoidance," not "tax evasion." I suspect O
  4. Common knowledge. Google it, I suggest.
  5. David Darren says that he uses a PAYG mobile phone for most of his e-mail and internet access. I've got a mobile phone (the cheapest I could find) that nevertheless claims to be able to do loadsathings but fortunately I don't need to rely on the thing for anything except voice calls, so I don't need to understand the thing's "features." One does seem to get a lot of "features" for £12 spent 3 months ago, though. I can see that it is probably considerably cheaper to swop e-mails via mobile phone than to access an internet forum website such as this one from a mobile phone. Sure, I
  6. Hell Tam I'm sorry I spelt your name wrongly last time. I have never made any secret of the fact that I know nothing about the canals and inland waterways apart from the odd stroll along the odd towpath. Therefore I don't know what happens with this procedure called "blacking" and so forth. However I do know about owning sea-boats, living on those, looking after them etc and I know what goes in in many of the coastal Harbours. You might not have noticed that I live just outside Southampton? The issue of Liverpool becoming a turnaround port is a huge issue down here. The Dep
  7. Listen, All It is time to cut some of the c*rap that has been dished out on this thread. I understand from Darren that he has looked at both barges and narrowboats but he is more attracted to barges because they have more living-space inside them. I do agree with him that it is almost impossible to understand what some people say when they talk about costs for boats on the canals. For example, please could someone explain to me about "blacking." I imagine that this is the same as antifouling a sea-boat? That is, the blacking will deter weed and any other organisms that mi
  8. Hi Sir Nibble Were you born knowing absolutely everything about boats? If not, how did you learn? Also, you've made rather a lot of assumptions about Darren's lifestyle, haven't you? Gill
  9. Hi Lady Muck I'm shocked by both of your posts today. I had no idea that things have become so bad in parts of London. Also, if things are that bad in London they are probably just as bad in some of the other densely populated large cities as well. Also, I didn't know that some of the marinas are emptying out - on some of the canals, at least. Round Southampton, the marinas all still seem to be full though I must admit I haven't looked closely. I've just had a vague impression from glancing around. The Southampton area may not be typical, anyway, because a lot of London money st
  10. Hi Nina C I'm suspicious of this new idea of turning businesses into charities. The tax-treatment of charities - and the people who invest in them (i mean 'donate money' to them) is very favourable. When we have a Chancellor whose own capital (from the Osborne & Little Wallpaper empire) is safely stashed in the Cayman Islands, what else is that little weasel up to at the behest of his wealthier cronies? I expect you heard about the row last year when GOD told the Treasury to produce a Plan B for the economy in case the Government's Plan A doesn't work. (GOD is Sir Gus O'Donnel
  11. Hi Tom On the thread that Darren started earlier this week, he gave his e-mail address in his first post and asked people to e-mail him instead of replying on the forum. My guess is that he probably can't access a computer easily but he's probably got something like a Blackberry that would let him see his e-mails easily. He clearly isn't a journalist, as some snide twit of a forum member suggested on Darren's first thread this week - there is no such thing as a bright future for a journo who is clearly not particularly articulate. Apparently Darren has had several e-mails from
  12. Yep. A gollywobbler is a mizzen staysail on a schooner and they are extremely difficult, shivery sails to fly. Flying a gollywobbler successfully requires a serious amount of skill. So what did you say your own problem is? Also, does your contribution actually assist the Original Poster on this thread? If so, how, please?
  13. Hi Nina Thanks very much indeed for your most helpful post. I'm not the one who is thinking about living on a boat. I've been there, done that and have no need or wish to do it again. I'm merely defending Darren. I think you are absolutely right about the budgeting - I hadn't really thought about looking after the boat's structure until you said it, so thanks very much for that tip. Yes, I agree. When I lived on a boat, we didn't have to worry much about food-storage because the boat was huge and we had a freezer etc. However, one Christmas, I came close to strangling my
  14. Joshua I expect I am less boring than the television. For the rest of your nonsense, I recommend investing in a thing called a brain. Speaking purely personally, I don't give a flying f*** about whether Shapps gets his own way with his idea that people should be encouraged to live on boats on the "inland waterways" (his expression this time, not mine) in England. Using these inland waterways is not something that I, personally, have ever done except once when I helped to deliver a boat from Windsor round to Portsmouth by sea. Very little of that trip involved inland waterways, pl
  15. From his e-mail reply to me, I wouldn't surmise that Darren has a degree in English - so the idiot on Darren's last thread who suggested that he might be a journo is a bit of a mutt, frankly. Darren responds MUCH better to e-mail than he does to internet forums, in my recent, personal experience. That is why he ASKED people to send him e-mails but he got shouted down by the insenstive twit on his first thread who made the pathetic assumption - sic, assumption only - that Darren "must be" a journo, so it is hardly surprising that Darren has not chosen to try to go there twice, now is it?
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