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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. 1. Paul rides motorbike to destination, Mary follows in the car. 2. The motorbike is left at the destination, they both get in the car and one of them drives it back to the start. 3. They go on their boat trip (start to destination) 4. Paul gets on the motorbike, rides it to the start. 5. Paul leaves the motorbike at the start, gets in the car (let's hope he remembered the keys), drives it to the destination and collects Mary. Then they both drive to the start again. 6. Paul picks up the motorbike and rides it to the destination, while Mary drives the car to the destination. I don't know if it can be done in fewer steps. If its real-life, sounds like a complete ballache and waste of fuel and time!!! They should look at doing round trips in the boat instead, or getting public transport instead of a motorbike.
  4. ..........And the bit that you've missed, is that he could have used the Direct Debit Guarantee to have that payment refunded, but chose not to (for............charitable reasons). And in any case its a different thing, since I offered to PM my bank details, not put them onto the public domain.
  5. I'll PM my bank details if you like, then you can "accidentally" pay some money in (can be an arbitrary amount), then let us know how you get on clawing it back without me sending it back to you. Money where your mouth is???
  6. It’s not legal advice. But yes, sure.
  7. Maybe that's what this guy did: Except the bottle cap eventually jammed, causing no water flow to the pump, taps etc.
  8. I think its because they can only calculate the actual chargeable fare once "the day" or maybe "the week" ends, because if you (for example) made 4 bus journeys but the "day ticket" rate was less than £8, they'd charge you the day ticket rate. Bus companies vary (a lot) in their approach, some would just keep charging £2 singles for each journey though (so you'd need to know in advance, if you were going to use the bus again and again that day).
  9. I'm not disagreeing with your approach - which is sensible and I do exactly the same. Its the terminology. You're right, most people would say the lock is "full" if it makes a level with the pound above, but if that pound is low its not full. So grounding on the cill is a real risk. In this instance it appears to be an underwater object, not the cill, but we don't really have enough info to go on. Most people aren't super familiar with the shape of the boat under the water or the architecture of the lock underwater features. And nobody is familiar with unknown underwater obstructions which are hidden by the opacity of the canal water. I won't speculate further on this instance but in general, if I sense a grounding I'll stop and reverse rather than try "plough" through it.
  10. They often do a holding transaction of 10p but a few days later it will show as a £2 transaction
  11. You said it was full when the pound above is low. Its blindingly obvious it’s not full.
  12. The point being, it’s not completely full if the pound above is too low.
  13. You could ask (or insist) on acknowledgment of payment. Send 1p first and if they acknowledge, send the rest.
  14. Should be a routine check these days - before leaving a lock, check its full (look at gates behind)
  15. If you overpaid them there is no right to refunds of the difference. Also what is a “statement of account”? They are not obligated to tell you if you’ve overpaid, it’s 99.9% likely they do have a record of it but are not obliged to pay it back. Knowing the above, the best course would be to ask politely for it back.
  16. The water system won't be running at 35psi
  17. A squirt with this would be best:
  18. Do you have a receipt or invoice, possibly by email? There will be customer service contact details on there. Failing that........did you pay by credit card?
  19. We got £3k off the purchase price of our first boat we bought, due to the survey. And they spotted the propeller nut wasn't present. So it worked out for us.
  20. Technically yes, since the BSS requirements for private boats don't specify a minimum. But common sense should guide you here.....
  21. Yes you'll get decent money if weighed in as scrap.
  22. Is this for me or the OP? Anyway for me, no, because the water fill point (and the well deck) are self draining. But I understand that the OP's situation is different to mine (see above post re: wet doormat).
  23. 1. Turn off water at water point just before its full 2. Shake end of hose and hold above its previous level (I challenge you to be able to hold it below its previous level, while withdrawing from the tank) and withdraw from the tank 3. Put hose outside of boat, then step off and sort out hose ready for storing. £0 spent
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