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  1. IMHO they should forget about applying T&Cs - like literally not have any, at all. Just like when you get a driving licence, you don't sign some T&Cs (but of course you are obligated to obey the law). Instead they should use their power to make byelaws to amend them as relevant and actually enforce them.
  2. But we're not talking about visitor moorings or leisure moorings.
  3. Its weird that "Smartgauge Mk2" - the one with the ability to measure current, as well as voltage, and uses a proprietary algorithm to more accurately predict SoC from two inputs instead of one - costs so much. Car manufacturers have been doing battery monitoring for a while now (at least 20 years) and you'd hope some kind of economy of scale would have been passed to boaters by now.
  4. The elephant in the room is planning permission. Planning laws are very powerful and deemed very important in the UK, thus are fiercely enforced and protected. There's much bigger fish than canal residential moorings which can't get the development they need due to planning. Basically, its seen as forming the fabric of what makes UK what it is now, so its unlikely any noticeable change in philosophy will come about from any of the powers-that-be.
  5. That's basically what they do now - they give the benefit of the doubt to new boaters. There isn't a legislated minimum distance though - its described qualitatively as "bona fide for navigation" etc. And there is a MAXIMUM time to stay in a place, not a minimum.
  6. The problem is, if they give advice, it will be taken out of context, publicised and widely condemned/criticised by a vocal faction of boaters. So they are careful to stick within the law, which is DELIBERATELY vague to allow a wide variety of cruising styles and canal use cases.
  7. CRT aren't changing legislation. I am not "hiding behind rules". What do you actually mean when you say that anyway???? ETA: Its not a terrible suggestion - in fact its a rather good suggestion - just that it perhaps ought to be applied to ALL boaters, not just CCers!!?!?
  8. Driving competency is an interesting idea but it misses the mark because the requirement to satisfy the board ONLY relates to CCers, not home moorers. CRT can't impose a driving test on home moorers, so why should one be imposed on CCers? I suspect such a test would be deemed unreasonable. Something more appropriate to the anticipated cruising would be more reasonable.
  9. 2 posts ago you didn't realise the applicant needs to satisfy the board at all (on the 'cruising' required). Might be worth reviewing the actual wording of the legislation at this stage..... "the applicant for the relevant consent satisfies the Board that the vessel to which the application relates will be used bona fide for navigation throughout the period for which the consent is valid without remaining continuously in any one place for more than 14 days or such longer period as is reasonable in the circumstances."
  10. So, that's the level of debate you're engaging in - playing the man not the ball. I asked of you a fairly simple question, but you chose to attack me rather than respond properly. Why?
  11. There's bound to be a separate thread on composting toilets somewhere, best look there for opinions on that aspect. Solar panels - are you a competent DIYer or would you be having them professionally installed? It affects the cost greatly. Also, don't underestimate the likely cost of fitting a stove (I am assuming you mean a solid fuel/multifuel one). Regards the boat, I can't say specifically but 68ft hireboats tend to have more beds/rooms than a similar sized private boat, unless its a luxury one. So you'll probably be having a mini-bonfire and/or some significant remodelling of the interior.
  12. It would be useful for us both (all) to agree on what we're discussing. "CMing" is a colloquial term, not a fixed/defined thing. So I'd like you to say what YOU mean by it, before I offer any opinion on it. Forum joining dates are clearly displayed in each user's profile - maybe I should ask if you are new here, given the relative dates of our joining this forum?
  13. I don't know what you mean by "CMing" - can you define it?
  14. Let me put it another way - which legislation or byelaw or T&C or guideline is broken by "CMing"? For your benefit, they are all available online: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukla/1995/1/enacted#:~:text=An Act to confer powers,and in relation to their and others https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/original/1025-general-canal-byelaws-1965.pdf?v=a2628a https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/refresh/media/original/43943-general-terms-and-conditions-for-boat-licenses-june-2021-searchable-file.pdf https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/original/41331-the-boaters-handbook.pdf?v=971d3a
  15. It was a multiple choice question but you have made up your own option (5).
  16. What is "code"? Specifically, can you use the proper phraseology, if you mean one of the following: 1) Legislation 2) Byelaws 3) Terms and conditions of a boating licence 4) CRT Boater's Handbook (please say which section you are referring to)
  17. No, that's not an answer, that's a re-statement of the question - by implication (and interpretation of the colloquial terms), "CMing" IS "not following the rules CCers have to follow". I am asking - what's the INCENTIVE to do so, for a home moorer specifically?
  18. Encryption at rest is different from encrypted transport. If you encrypt a hard drive make sure you know the password and/or how to recover the data if hard drive corruption occurs (I am guessing it was on one spindle).
  19. I CBA arguing with you though. I’m just trying to help Lady G based on my own personal experience of Ee and THM
  20. Send a text message from the mifi to your phone to find out it’s mobile number if needs be
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