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  1. We've used Ralph Kitts as a mechanic and would def use him as a surveyor next time we want one done. I'm sure he would come so Stanstead Abbots, it's not that far from him across country in Watford. Derek.
  2. Mike, I ride the towpath at least 3-4 days per week all year round. Often the reason for punctures isn't the tyres but the pressure people run them at (or lackof). Mind you, I'm lucky that at 65kg and running on fairly high (for Marathon+) pressure of 80psi front, 90-100psi rear I'm yet to puncture a pair.
  3. Marathon Plus' are pretty bomb proof tho you'll pay a weight penalty as they are not light and they roll a little slower. Got them on my do-it-all bike and haven't had a puncture in 18 months. They are also long lasting. I must have over 2500 miles on em with minimal wear, and I got them second hand off ebay.
  4. Ah Alan, that was so last year. London mooring now quadruple beasted from Uxbridge to Bishop's Stortford solid. Had to wait 3 days to get on the services only to find someone had pinched the tap.
  5. So, still no reason for being banned. Oh well, thank you Steve, thank you John and thank you mystery fb 'banner'.
  6. So does that mean I definitely won't be getting my moderator status in the group back then either lol.
  7. I'm sorry to hear you don't want to discuss it here John, but as I'm now banned from the CC FB page I'm not sure where else I can discuss it with you. As I remember, at the time, the 'social page' was where much debate of the beginnings of ACC were happening, it was more a political page at that time than social! Anyway, now you have an ACC page for members only that should not be an issue, should it. So was it the general opinion of all 476 members that they felt relieved I had left - somehow I doubt it. Nor do I think banning someone for making people feel uncomforatable is appropriate. Now, talking of huff's, should CWDF have banned you after your huff and subsequent absence? Oh, and by my huff, do you mean this huff? Steve feel free to misrepresent my comments from yesterday, in fact feel free to ban me for asking questions but you better be quick because by the time you finish reading this post I will have taken myself off the group - and then you can feel free to remove my post by censorship if you so wish. Ever since i really was a kid (quite some time ago now) I have always asked questions, I've always had a big dose of healthy doubt. Do I have an agenda? Yes of course, just like everyone else here, and mine has always been about getting people to think, to ask questions, to take off their blinkers and not just to accept what they are being told. For what it's worth I think the ACC is a wonderful idea and I'm fully aware of how much work people have put into it. I'm sure it will move forward and I hope it grows into something great and grows beyond some of its founder members (specifically you and John) into something truly independent and democratic that can represent all CC'ers fairly and objectively. I have no desire to harm ACC, but equally I do not think I can be part of it now or for the foreseeable future and this is mainly because I have deep concerns over your and John's ability to act with fairness and humility and to be able to self reflect, and in your case Steve, to act with integrity. I was warned by more than a few people about getting involved with you when I first started supporting you and defending you, I should have listened. What anyone thinks of me for this post really is immaterial, but I do hope I have sown a few seeds. Sorry, forgot to answer your question John...I would like to come back in becasue I am a CC'er and its a page for CC'ers.
  8. Hang on, now I'm confused. You say it's becasue I chose to leave John, Steve says it's becasue I'm banned, presumably for being naughty...if challenging you two is what constitutes being naughty and worthy of banning... So which is it - you two could at least get your stories straight!
  9. Really Steve? I think it's well worth discussing. Whats the charge?
  10. I've been banned Steve, how odd, what for?
  11. On our return to the Lee & Stort this Winter Alan, we have heard accounts from individual boaters which concurs with what you are saying, and more people looking for moorings too.
  12. Or more specifically John it is about politics in boating between cc'ers and non cc'ers isn't it? I was a bit dissapointed with the video really. We met Anna Snowball on the towpath at Kensal Green last June I think. At the time she told us her brief was to make a film about families living on narrowboats, specifically from the perspective of the children. We pointed her in the direction of Peggy (Melmouth - not sure of spelling) and Heidi and Louise (in the video) becasue at the time they were the only people we knew of living on boats with children. I find it a shame the video appears to have been hijaked by boating politics instead. We were hoping that would not happen as there had already been so many other short films released around London boaters and K&A boaters of the same sort. Still, I guess there are a few good plugs for ACC in it. By the way, while I have your attention, as you are a moderator on the Contimuous Cruiser Facebook group would you be kind enough to approve my request to rejoin, its taking an awfully long time to happen? Derek.
  13. Cotswoldman, just out of interest, but what was your motive for posting that video? Derek.
  14. We have a domestic Beko (BDVG592W), with main oven, top oven and grill. Have had it just over a year, and we're really happy with it, although the conversion to LPG and installation ended up costing more than the oven itself! We do lots of baking - bread, buns, cake, rolls, loaves, biscuits, pizza... I usually have to reduce the cooking time slightly for cakes. Anything that takes up the whole oven tray (scones, muffins, pizza) I usually turn half way through, but apart from that no babysitting needed. Has got flame failure device and passed its first boat safety check 6 months ago. Alex
  15. Hi Alan, Baldock is now on Aplooduck at: http://www.apolloduck.co.uk/display.phtml?aid=329259. We bought our 1989 Mike Heywood of Baldock's owner and were moored next door for a couple of weeks in our early days of ownership. A lovely boat.
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