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Type 2 Diabetes..The start of ..'the plan'.




This is a repeated section from what I have listed in the forums. I will update it every few days to let anyone interested know how its going.


I know a lot of boaters have various diabetic problems...and so I thought I would put this on here as it may be of interest.

I am commmitted to changing my current path...and thought I would put my progress on here.

Please don't criticise...as what I am doing is extremely hard.

I am not affiliated with any diet product 'sales' either...


I have been diagnosed..type 2 for about 3 years...although I may have had it longer.

Initially...I was diet controlled for the first year...with the 'lose weight...exercise' advice. Second year I went onto low Metformin...last year ..increase a little..1000mg a day.

This year..from January...(as is the way diabetes works)..it was progressive...slight raise in levels...yet again.

Progress to Glicide and more regular testing.I was told...I had to test every 2 hours if driving as otherwise I wouldn't be insured.


The first year....and following year..my eye scans..etc...brought the letter..'You have some damage...and may develop etc etc...and we must monitor you yearly.'


I started off at ...nearly 17 stone at 6 foot tall (I'm still the same height !!.. :rolleyes: )


During summer months...I started a morning pill regime...that I had read about from USA and..coupled this with cutting calories and losing a bit of weight..

I took/take : Multivit..1000mg Omega 3, 1300mg Primrose oil( didn't make my boobs bigger) ..150mg asprin...500mg Kelp...600mg vitimin D...


Diabetic eye scan ...29th October reads..' I am writing to inform you..that your retinal eye scan appeared normal. This means you are very little risk of sight threatening retinopathy'. This is after 2 years of them finding damage !


Encouraged by this I decided to start the Newcastle diet (look up on diabetes UK)

Its extreme...600-800 calories a day for at least 8 weeks. It cost me a lot...as I had to source a supply of special meal replacement drinks...as the ones they used on the plan were not available in the UK... (NOT SLIMFAST ..about 5 spoons of sugar per shake !!)

My doctor/nurse were extremely unhelpful about this ( see comments on Diabetes UK)..and just wanted me to live ..(with 65% increased risk of heart attack/blindness...no legs..) ..on rising levels of pills every year. Its not their fault...and I am NOT knocking the medical profession..Its just that these things have to be tested out for years...and that would be too long for me.


I actually started to kick into the diet slowly..which I have found better...so over weeks..I cut to 1300 calorise each day....1200 calorise each day...etc..

Last Friday..I hit the 800 calories...and although it all feels strange...I am feeling well. ..in fact ..better than I have for a long long time.


2 weeks ago..my sugar level were way below those required for any diabetes medication...and I am monitor many times a day to check this...

I also have to take blood pressure several times a day...extremely good readings.

I now read in the 4's in the morning...and I'm not seeing 6 on the meter which is amazing as I was in the teens..!


Many of the Newcastle Diet test subjects ..found a partial reversal of diabetes...and were able to resume a fairly normal..although not stupid eat/drink life..without meds..

I am cautiously optimistic....


If people are interested..I will keep up to date here with my progress..

I think weight loss is a huge key...and I am now 12 stone 10 !!


I have been spurred on in this enterprise..because of the previous problems I listed..

I also stay in Spain for some months in winter....

If you go there...look at the number of ex-pats in wheelchairs...swigging lager in cafes....mainly men.

Many have no legs..and you chat..and it was abandoning the diabetic eating regime...when they went to Spain.


I'll write more..as I go..if people are interested.

Of course..the long term effects will not be seen..until I finish the 8 weeks diet...as low sugar readings on a daily basis are to be expected if cutting carbs.





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