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12 December update...




Today..(as suggested)..I have started a 'Blog'.


The entry today..is just a repeat of what I have written under 'forums'..but I will update it every few days so that anyone interested can see if there are results.


I orginally stared to ponder this ..when reading up about studies in the USA...and then around mid-this year...there was George Alageia ( ?? sorry George)...on BBC news reading out that the they had 'found a cure' for diabetes. It was then that I found out that the USA results were being trialed in the UK with some remarkable results.


I don't kid myself it can work for all...or can be a complete cure...but it looks like there is a good chance of..at least some improvements.


Today...after several of the special (bloody expensive!!) meal replacement shakes.....I am reading 3.7 ??!!

Now in theory..I should be dead with that ...but actually feel pretty good..

I can't stay at that level...so I have some pretty nice sprouts...and a stack of cabbage steaming away...Yum !!


If I stay there too long..I may have a half Weetabix in hot water..to take the carbs up a little...and the readings up a little...


Will it have long term benefits though ??



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