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Does it count as falling in..

01 August 2011 - 07:59 PM

... If you tip upside down in a canoe?

Solar Flare

18 February 2011 - 07:04 PM

Over the last couple of days the SOC indicator on our PV panel has been a bit strange... It's indicating >75% first thing in the morn before dropping off quite quickly.

I wonder whether the solar flare could be playing the panel up.

I suppose I will find out in a day or two, but it's nice to speculate.




Second boat

18 February 2011 - 12:03 AM

I've been thinking about getting a second boat, just to store the handbags and shoes.

As Smelly won't let me paint Sudan pink I might just paint it taramasalata.. Would that be a bad idea?

Driving in snow and ice

04 December 2010 - 12:34 AM

I've just got my first car (a Ford Fiesta Zetec if you're interested) and I've been overwhelmed with advice from long time drivers. One issue confuses me slightly, some say when driving in snow, drive in as high a gear as possible, some say drive in as low a gear as possible. Which is right? Can anyone help?

Beer festival Alvechurch 22nd October

01 September 2010 - 10:17 AM

Title says it all really.