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  1. Lovely place, Stratford Basin..2018
  2. Deepinvet


  3. We have had quite a few holidays with MN, all I can say is that they were FANTASTIC !!! They have bent over backwards on more than one occasion for us for various reasons that I wont go into.....but any other company would not of gone the extra mile they did i'm sure... The Traditional NBs are not the modern Des-res, they are a bit older and yes they do break down, but Hey Ho...that happens, we even had the fitter out on Christmas day!!!! We most certainley will book with them again....as long as the prices don't go up too much!!!!!!! (Chuggers old Boy Please Note )
  4. As the originator of this topic it has come as no surprise to some of the replies.....as in all walks of life it takes all sorts. Some replies are very good and some are extreamley condensending!!! I won't pick them out but the "them and us" is blatantly obvious. And has the end of term come early????? Kids eh you just can't leave your computer switched on these days....Some people need to extract their heads from their backsides......... I don't post on here very often nor do I 'Lurk' in the backgroud, the reason why is that alot of topics tend to become "I'm so much better than you" See
  5. Hi all my wife and I have once again had a fab week on a hire boat, my wife has been on canal boats for about 40years (her parents lived on one ) and I have been on them for about 30. One thing that we have noticed the standard of Boatmanship and skills are very low!! The majority are the people who own their own boats, some are good and some are just so truly ignorant ,arrogant and bad mannerd they deserve all the hassle they get!!! I could give loads of examples and names of nb, but they know who they are................ So next time you give a condesending remark or are rude to someone o
  6. We had Almond, cheep and cheerfull, but it was more than adequate, we also had 5 red hot days even got sunburnt on my head!!
  7. Thanks for the replies, we have gone with Middlewich narrowboats.....again, nice boats , nice people and willing to do a deal!! ie £380 for 6 days (Mon-Sat).... Going on Monday lets hope the weather picks up, but hey who cares.....
  8. Just booked a late deal with middlewich Narrowbaots, a week for under £400 !!! We aim to go to The Boat Museum at EMPort, and a day at Chester.....Is there any stoppages around there????
  9. We are looking for a late deal for the middle 2 weeks in July either 1 or 2 weeks....Could anybody recommend a decent hire company that allows a dog and also has Traditional or semi trad boats. The location isn't too much of a Problem as we live in South Lincs just north of Peterborough, although I dont fancy a trek up to Scotland, K&A would be nice as we haven't been down there on a boat. There will be approx 5 of us... Thanks for your help.
  10. My Mother-in-law used to live on a boat (Grayling) at Wearings Green wharf with her husband Brian who incidently only had one leg, sadly she has recently passed away she was 86. But the reason for this post is that we have now got her ashes back and my wife would like to put them in the cut, more precisely into the basin at Stratford.....are you allowed to do this or do you need to inform the relevent red tape.....
  11. I would love to exchane but not till 2011 when we come over and smash the southern hemisphere and teach them how to play proper Rugby !!;-)))
  12. Not sure if I like the sound of all this ice..... We are taking a boat out of Middlewich on Tuesday Morning to do the Cheshire ring (we have 8 days to do it)....Will we get out of Middlewich????Here in South Lincs we have plenty of snow and it's about -5 this mornig. If anybody catches sight of NB Larch.. that's us, say hello you will be more the,n welcome for a slug of sloe gin
  13. Won't be visiting mine.....she died last night
  14. Here in south Lincolnshire we have 4-5" very windy and snowy, not been out yet snowed in again as we live 2 miles down a fen lane....and its still snowing!!
  15. We have hired a boat from Middlewich Narrowboats from the 22nd till the30th, for alot more than £450!!! But we have a really nice boat and we are going where we want to go....But this is a good deal for someone..Don't be so sceptical....If it was your boat would you pay someone to move it or if someone wanted to hire it from you (ie Pay you) would you let them hire it?? Yea thought so!
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