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Lister JK/JP big end bolts


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From my experience do them up to 65ft then turn engine over a few times then keep doing up till each nut reaches a point that you can get a pin in at each nut turn engine over, im asuming you have used either oil or running in paste to bolt them all up, if the nuts fitted at the holes and each is in the same place the only diffrence will be the bearings so by turning engine each time your a running the bearings in and b checking its not locking which will damage the bearings.

The only other option is to rub a bit of the nut off using paper. But if they fitted before youll prob find it was built to 65 and then nipped up the later engines may use a diffrent nut or hole in a diffrent place if the hole can be seen but not quite enough to get pin threw then your only option will be to tighten a bit more. A nut will always move as each time its done up it will wear a tiny bit each time.

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Its been almost three year but thought I'd update this thread. The engine is now in the barge and bolted down. I'd been pondering the issue of the split pins not fitting so sought advice from Marine Power Services. They were very helpful and suggested what a number of others have in as much as torque figures were a late introduction to the building of these engines. On looking at them again, I found most of them would line up with an additional 5-10lbft or torque (over the initial 65ftlbs). In this position, the numbers stamped onto the nuts would then be facing outwards, so I would guess that they were lined up there originally and then the nuts stamped. For about 6 of the nuts I needed to rub them down on a file placed on a workbench, turning them every few strokes to get them even.  This enabled them to line up within the torque range. I put in the split pins, bent the ends round tight and then backed the nuts off a 'smidge' to grip the pins to prevent them rattling around and fretting.


Thanks to all who offered advice, especially Martyn of MPS.

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