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I have to replace the fresh water supply unit on my Thetford Aquamagic V toilet.


The nylon thread on the unit is stripped - probably badly installed from new.


I have a new unit on order from Bradtech who seem best able to supply parts for this product, but I am not sure of how the actual connection is made to the flexible water supply pipe and its brass hex nut. Should there be a fibre/rubber washer up inside the brass nut? See this PDF file for details, I am talking about the joint with the fat arrow pointing at it.:-




Can't ask Bradtech 'cos their office is shut till later this week.




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I don't know of your particular instance but similar connections on other things like washing machines will always have a washer in that connection. Do not overtighten it, little more than hand tight at the most.

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Normally a fibre washer, pretty much the same as on a normal toilet indoors with a plastic inlet (most are plastic these days). As Bigste says, tighten by hand then just nip up 1/16 - 1/8 th turn.

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Nylon connections on the fresh supply to a macerator toilet will generally use a neoprene washer, not fibre as the joint is not tightened enough, otherwise it would strip, which brings us back to your original issue.

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I finally got to talk to Bradtech yesterday and they were able to clear up the problem.


The correct pipe-tail to connect to the toilet is plastic with an internal conical section which goes up inside the water valve fitting. The locking nut tightens up on the outside of the fitting as normal.


I now understand that the brass fitting employed by the original boat builder/fitter was never going to work, trying to make the seal by butting a square brass edge up against a sharp edge section on the nylon water valve. That's why they employed lots of silicon to bodge the resultant weeping joint, having stripped the thread on the fitting.


I can already see that this new pipe tail (supplied gratis by Bradtech) is going to sort my problem.


Whilst talking of Bradtech I cannot praise them enough. They seem to have a comprehensive range of Thetford spares (unlike Thetford themselves!), they are very competitive price-wise, and my goods arrived by courier within 24hours of my last 'phone call. Their tech-support department (Bill!) is very knowledgeable and friendly. Altogether a pleasure to deal with.


Thanks to all who contributed.


Guess what I'm doing this weekend?



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