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BMC 1.8 Fuel leak from injection pump


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Hi folks,


I've got a small fuel leak that i'd like a little advice on. I believe it's coming from around the anti-stall screw. It all started after i bled the engine and possibly overtightened the bleed screw on top of the anti-stall screw and turned the whole assemblyl. Anyway, it's all covered in paint (see photo) but the leak is coming from where the paint is chipped away from what looks like a broken seal around the outside of the largest hex. How would one go about mending/replacing this? I tried turning it but it appears to just turn in the housing rather than tighten/untighten. I may be just imagining things, but having messed about, it seems like the engine is running faster?!


As a side note, anywhere I can get a guide on how to tune the injection pump? I'm struggling to decipher the original repair manual that i downloaded from calcutt website.







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Hey, ho, sorry Dan but how many times have I written on here and told boaters NOT to use that particular bleed screw. You have just found out why!


Actually if you had taken steps just to move the bleed screw this might not have happened but. as you say, you have probbaly moved the anti-stall valve that is glued into the casting.


I fear the only answers are:


Fit another pump.


See if your local Diesel injection equipment specialist can either repair it or fit a new "Turret" to your pump.


Take the whole hexagon assembly out and re-glue it with something like Araldite. I would not recommend this course of action unless you are good with mechanical things.


I do not understand what you mean by "tune", as far as I know you do not tune this sort of diesel. You can adjust the idle speed, the anti-stall valve, or the injection timing. You may have screwed the anti-stall valve in or out a bit too much but rather than mess with that and possibly make the leak worse I would see if a tweak the idle speed stop screw.


Look at your photo and follow the right hand arrow backwards down its shaft and away from the head. The shaft is pointing to a tall thin cylinder that should be wired to the pump. This covers the maximum speed stop screw DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT MESSING WITH THIS. Now move horizontally to the left and locate the exposed hexagon screw close to the yellow tube/cable. This is the idle speed stop screw. Try unscrewing it a flat or two.


Now for our other members with 1.5s, 1.8s and Perkins 4-10xs. Whatever the manual says DO NOT mess with this bleed screw on the injection pump turret, take your time and just use the one on the pump body AND after you think that you have cleared the air keep bleeding for at least 30 seconds.

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