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You may have seen this link before:




It is the page on The Chesterfield Canal Trust Website that shows the results that the combined efforts of Chesterfield Canal Trust Work Party and The Waterway Recovery Group have made at Staveley Town Lock.


There is a very good chance you have been there before because in less than 3 weeks it has had 2000 hits.


Chesterfield Canal Trust are thrilled there is so much interest in the restoration.... but there is a problem!


The "Donate a Brick fund" and the "Concrete Fund" are both almost empty. All that interest generated by the work that has been done has failed to generate donations to top up the fund to allow the work to continue.


Please just take a really good look at this picture:




Ask yourself where you were when this was taken? Were you, like me, sitting comfortably applauding those who are prepared to go out there and graft to make it happen without even breaking a sweat yourself?


If you were to meet one of those guys in that photo in the pub tonight would you buy him a pint? I bet you would!

Well I think it unlikely that he will be in the pub tonight but I suspect he would be happy to accept a brick in place of his pint.


I suspect he would thank you for your generosity too. I certainly would, as would Chesterfield Canal Trust.


Can you help?


A brick costs just £5 and, if you are a UK tax payer you can gift aid it! - click here:



You can buy hods or barrows of bricks too.


Concrete costs £80 - this too can be gift aided here:



Simply add "Gift Aid" to your basket before you check out.


If you read this post and would like to help but the donation needs to wait until the next pay day then please help me to keep this thread bumped up in the recent posts so between us we can bring this fresh appeal to the attention of as many people as possible.


Thank you

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