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  1. refit basically yes I know ..we did not name it hence the rename
  2. Chirk marina having an over haul internally Ah that had not crossed my mind well i could spare the fifteen year old
  3. being sacrificed....... of course!!
  4. I looked on C&rts website there was no form or anything ...do i just phone them and tell them can it be that simple??? I wonder if our youngest daughter (13) would be interested in this particular job
  5. Given that our boat has a naff name How do we go about changing it
  6. and i put navigation though i have and enjoyed taking a group of young people canoeing down there we were able to take young people into short side runs totally overgrown and no way ever suitable for narrowboats we went from Queens head to the junction at Frankton or rather the small basin area down from the junction where theres a car park??
  7. I am accepting that my electric system is not good New batteries needed by next winter no fridge not enoughlight to read by and an educated trust worthy person looked in the engine and exclaim ed that the engine was nice but the electrics looked amateur. We intend to install solar . What do folk consider essential electric wise
  8. Stopped by shebdon last night pub the wharfe was shut had been for a year or so.tonight we are at Market Drayton good Sunday lunch at the crown as we were too late for the Talbot by five mins to three the chap said they finish serving at three a local lady described him to us as a miserable bloke
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. Spent last night at Autherley by napton narrow boats bit of a troll to get anywhere but ok stopped in Brewood pronounced brood, lovely little town/village very helpful hardware store will deliver coal to boat great pub the bridge.
  11. Well we got as far as lock fifteen due to every lock against us and having to grovel in th weed hatch again more bags and an old fender thank goodness I have a good sharp knife to cut the blasted thing away. But we are strongly moored up in a quiet spot discreet no tall trees and not being battered too much from the wind
  12. Net curtain you name it we found it, so half an hour later sorted,guy suggests a lookout on bow for shopping trolleys.!! So off we toddle round on to the curley wurley and we come to devils elbow bridge and then the bend Roj kind of bogs it up just as we come across a lovely garden balcony built over the corner of the canal that nearly gets dismantled by the boat ...... It's fine more than Roj's nerves we get to wednesbury and he sails past the moorings so we are a little past that on other moorings behind a chain branded pub called the nicolodian A branded pup but useful for shopping if you want big shops also sainsburys etc A branded pup but useful for shopping if you want big shops also sainsburys etc Had enough of spelling and predictive text stuff and frankly today.....and it snowed
  13. Well today we did not get so far, we started off fine, reached lock 3 of the Walsall locks and some bodies little darling had shoved elder branches in to the conservation key apertures so twenty minutes later I had freed one to open the paddle and get us free I said to Roj I would phone C&RT to let them know about the other three, so off we went all the way to lock six where there was no water in the pound so I had to phone them !!# We get to the top lock and the boat is handling like an old wellies and some bloke working on a boat suggests that the proposed might be fouled, he wasn't wrong! Bags, wire plastic cable
  14. It's now half six just been woken by a flock of Canada geese stoked fire writing this and considering putting kettle on, early start to get out of here and hopefully to roughly where Marty suggested as weather tonight iffy
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