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This site is the best source for you to find out anything regarding your Dawncraft boat, none of us are experts but we all help one another, ask questions, share ideas and sources and also try to keep everything low cost, as boating can be expensive anyway, without paying silly prices for equipment.




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35 minutes ago, dennis131313 said:

Is this for sale

I don't know but I doubt it - you are commenting on a post from nearly two years ago that did not suggest the boat was for sale at the time, although I guess it's worth asking

We have posted your "wanted" request on this forum - hopefully someone will respond there. 

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Just posting to say I'm looking to join and find info. I have a (possibly) Rover as it's around 30 odd foot, rear cockpit. There is about 4 other Dawncraft here too. One mid, one rear and a couple of Dandys.


Will post more updated photos soon (the existing picture is old and already up on here), as hoping to repaint the roof in the next week or two (may have to totally resurface it as  I hat the textured non slip surface :P ).


Picture is of the bottom repaint, before I had to get someone in to rebuild the engine. 🤢

All her windows were erplaced in a refit at some time. But I do like them. :)

2020-08-30 17.35.12.jpg

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