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Boat Listing To Port Side

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Any suggestion how she can deal with the list, or are you more into just nitpicking other peoples' posts?


(You asked for that, didn't you!)






Asked for it no - expected it (sadly) yes rolleyes.gif


The list issue has been answered already - best suggestion seems moving some ballast from port to starboard side however difficult access to it may be.

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Or maybe the toilet is slowly leaking water into the tank and its nearly full. If the list has only started since you owned the boat you should try and find out why, not treat the symptoms by adding weight to the other side.

I'll see if I can get one of the marina engineers to check out the state of the pump out tank. Previous owners said they never used it, so I did assume it was/is empty, but that's a pretty foolhardy thing to do!!


I haven't managed to get all the water out of the cabin bilge, and without an inspection hatch just now I can't check it. I'll pull up carpet again in the cabin and see if I can get someone to cut me a hatch there.


How does one find out whether a boat was designed to have a wet bilge if the boat buildings have gone out of business (Stowe Hill in 2009). Previous owners did not have plans for boat and she's 21 years old. I'd like to find out whether she was designed to be a wet bilge, as has now been suggested by quite a few seasoned boaters...



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Well then - problem now sorted!!


Although the owners previous to me told me that they had never used the pump out toilet, when I got an engineer to check the tank as a last resort last week, we found the pump out tank to be full of what we think might be 10 to 15 year old waste! Took us hours to sort it and there's still a load of black unmentionable gunk in there, yet to be broken down and shifted. I’m assuming the owners I bought her from, also bought her with a full tank and didn’t think to check either (I feel a bit foolish, but it never occurred to me to ask if tank was empty at the time). So a quarter of a ton of waste has been pumped out and now Delilah’s sitting pretty in the water with no list - well, a slight one to starboard, but that's easily fixed.


I am a happy bunny, where the boat is concerned anyway. Don't get me started on the rest of my life though - it's crap! Ha!

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