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Welcome to the new server!


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Hi guys,


Firstly, a HUGE thank you for bearing with me for what was a much longer downtime than expected. I hope the withdrawl effects were not too bad.


If you are reading this message, you are now accessing the site on a new server. It doesn't look like much has changed from the front, but behind the scenes things are much better. I'm also hoping reliability will be much better.


I will be posting a full newletter shortly with some further details about what has happened and what will be happening.


A few things to note:


- Images are at present not working. I believe that this is because the DNS servers have yet to fully update, and I hope that things will sort themselves out shortly.


- Users keep being logged out. Again, I hope that this will resolve when the DNS servers have been fully updated.


If you come across any problems that remain after 48hrs from the time of this message, please get in touch and I'll look into it.



Many thanks again for your support,


Jon Belcher

(site host)

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I think the problems noted above are now resolved. The gallery is now operational again and that should conclude the all the major elements of the transfer. Thanks for bearing with me.


If you are still experienceing problems, please let me know.


Many thanks,



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