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Free Loaders ?

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But but but Ms Ryder, you'll spoil their fun.


The usual suspects blathering on, rustling up a collective unrighteous indignation, complete with trials à la Passion of Joan of Arc and fantasy witch burnings.


Spoilsport you, introducing the calm and clear voice of reality.

A calm, well rasoned and persuasive post not in the least bit patronising.

I'm convinced.

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The biggest fear I had when I left my winter marina in my first year on my narrowboat, heading for the unknown of the canal system, was the fear of being ostracised for being a paid up licenced cruiser not a paid up licenced moorer. the reality was completely different.


this fear came only from people banging on about it on the forums all over the internet (not just on here)


the amount of negative talk isnt proportionately representative of the reality of it.




Honey Ryder


Push the Boat Out

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