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Bishops Meadow, Loughborough

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Hmmmmmm, think you'll find Barrow is named after a barrow as in a final resting place. Who knows what Quorn is really named after though!


Although we are near to our lovely sewage farm, I notice it as I drive past, especially on hot days, but very rarely on the marina in all fairness. More from the pump out when it's in use, but that's the same anywhere with a pumpout.


I like it being named after a wheel barrow more, much funnier.


Was the first time i'd actually noticed the wiff on the marina last night i admit, thought it was just Mucky tbh :lol: what with his name and all!

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Poolings Lick is pretty much equidistant from both Barrow and Quorn, so you get the best (and worst) of both worlds. For example, the butcher in Barrow does excellent Pork chops, but for cakes and beers Bradley's in Quorn is the place to go. Pub-wise I used to favour the Soar Bridge Inn, but for food the chippie in Quorn is very good.


As an aside, if you buy your coal from Coopers in Mountsorrel it's cheaper than buying it from the Marina, even though he supplies the Marina.


I do miss the people down there (great boating community), and it's a nice location in my view, but I just can't get on with the management.

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The really nice thing about Pillings Marina is its address - Flesh Hovel Lane, Quorndon!! I understand that there used to be an abattoir down it. It is by Quorn sewage works and Crockers Farm marina by Derwent Mouth lock is by Shardlow sewage works.

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