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My name is Richard Hill and I'm a writer. One of the publications I occassionally write for is 'Canal & Riverboat' magazine.


Have you got an interesting story to tell, but are'nt quite sure how to get it into print?


In 1996, I'd never been published, but today my work has been read by an estimated 5 million people. Yet I left school without any qualifications and didn't (and still don't) know my adverbs from my adjectives.


This is what some people have said about my work:-


"He has a thoughtful, innovative and dedicated approach to his screen writing and programme making ambitions, which has seen him develop original ideas from outline treatment to fine cut – in itself, no mean achievement."

Keith Wootton. Producer, 'Water World'. Carlton Television


"He is an innovative thinker, always coming up with fresh ideas and the verve to put them into action"

Chris Cattrall. Editor – Canal & Riverboat Magazine


"It is his adaptability, together with his reliability and enthusiasm for the job, that makes him a welcome contributor"

Courtney Freedman. Editor – The Art of Bonsai Magazine


"A most interesting - and well written article" (Referring to ‘43 Years in an Iron Lung’ – SAGA Magazine).

Geoffrey Lean - The Independent on Sunday.


In addition to writing, I also lecture and give talks in 'journalism' and 'writing for magazines'.


If your 'group' or 'organisation' is interested in a talk on 'How to get published' please feel free to contact me at mail@richardhill.co.uk


If you want to find out more about me and my work, please visit my website by clicking here.


Kindest regards,



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