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Hi guys!


Sorry to keep on moaning, but once again I am getting complaints of threads being hijacked with banter and irrelevant discussion. Firstly, I would to say that I have no desire to destroy the fun element of the forum. It's much needed and is good for the community however the Virtual Pub forum has been provided for this. Banter in the other forums destroys the flow of discussion and has a habit of taking a thread off-topic, sometimes to non-boating related issues.


As a result of this the following new rules will be introduced:


- Forums will be actively moderated (as usual)

- Any posts considered to be banter (and not in the virtual pub) may be liable to deletion by a moderator without explanation.

- Where it is possible to generate a new topic from off-topic discussion, the posts will be split out and moved to the virtual pub.


Please consider when you post a one or two word reply if it will really contribute to a quality discussion. I am really sorry to do this, but due to threads being taken over by banter the quality of discussion is being lost, and this is what differentiates these forums from others. A moderators decison will be final and arguments will not be entered into.


Please please continue to use the Virtual Pub. You are more than welcome to post as many topics on any topic (within reason) and these will only be moderated to ensure compliance with the forum rules.


On a similar note, I am getting a little fed up with complaints from members where they have been 'flamed' by another member on the forum. This occurs normally over a heated exchange of views, or someone taking a comment personally. I would ask all users to first consider the posts in the way in which they were meant to be written. Normally, if a smiley is used then it is meant in jest. I would also ask you to consider careful what you are posting so to minimise the risk of causing offense to someone. I realise there is a balance to strike between the readers sensitivity and the posters' intentions, but there have been a number of instances where arguments have started over stupid things that have been esculated out of proportion.


On a similar note, please respect members respecitve abilities, and don't be to critical over spelling and grammer. As long as the post is understandable then please don't critise anyone. None of us are in a position to judge a specific members abilities. Having said that, posts do need to be understandable. I would also request that members don't post in all capitals, as this is generally considered 'shouting' in an online community.


Finally, in order to generate some income, I will be launching a Canal World Discussion Forum accessory range. This will be at no extra cost to myself, yet will allow me to generate some income for the benifit of the site. There will be at minimum a Canal World Discussion Forums t-shirt and a mousemat using the site logo and wall paper designs. All products will be made to order by Cafepress.com, who are based in the USA. Prices will be in US$ but I am told shipping is quick and they are of a high quality. Watch this space for more info.


Thats about it for now. Please keep on posting, remembering quality not quantity. I realise that some members may not agree with the new policies outlined above, however the Site Crew believe that they are in the best interest of the forum and we appreciate you co-operation.


Many thanks,



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