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Site Outage - 9th March

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We regret to advise that CWDF suffered a lengthily outage today due to an issue with the domain name renewal. Unfortunately the domain registration for canalworld.net did not automatically renew despite being configured to do so. As a result the site was offline for a period of time. Some users may still be unable to access CWDF while DNS re-propagates but we expect this to iron out overnight.


We have since paid the fee to renew the domain until 2031 as to prevent a recurrence of this issue. This is of course a monetary cost to CWDFAs such, we're grateful for all donations made to the site. All monies received go towards paying the ongoing maintenance & running costs, which include domain renewal fees, server & storage capacity, software & licensing etc etc. You may make a donation if you wish by clicking here

Apologies for any inconvenience.


Thank you

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