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The mystery plural Wast Hill tunnel?

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As we're heading towards Halloween, this snippet appears in the "Canal Ghosts" thread on this forum.


Rough synopsis - two blokes take old boat with knackered engine through Ghosty Hill tunnel, it stalls they leg the rest of the way.  One bloke goes for a nosey around derelict industry whilst other fixes engine.  Its nearly dark and the bloke who stayed with the boat is getting a bit cheesed by the time his mate turns up, especially as his mate just drops into the hold without a word.


On the return trip engine fails again, seething and without saying a word, our bloke goes to leg and his "mate" joins him, but the mate legs like a professional at one heck of a speed and smells like he's been eating rat kebab and drinking battery acid. 


Get to far end, cry from the towpath of " do you normally abandon your crew" and the legger has vanished...   His real mate had seen the boat go back into the tunnel and had had to walk over the hill.

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