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Kid's Lifejacket Options/Tips/Recommendations


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Thanks so much for the help with our last post planning our vacation route for the Avon ring.


We’ve decided on a lot, but are now trying to figure our life jacket situation. We spoke to the rental firm and they have the inflating types for adults which will work for my husband, me, and our eldest (15), but they only have the buoyancy aid type for our daughter (12). Someone before pointed us to the Boater Handbook and that recommends life jackets, so as she isn’t a strong swimmer we’re planning to get one for her before we pickup the boat. So far we’ve found these two which look like good options:




Could anyone here share any feedback on these, or other recommendations, or tips, for kids life jackets?


Thanks so much. C.

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The primary difference between a buoyancy aid and a lifejacket is that a lifejacket turns you face up with your head out of water even if you are unconscious. 


It is possible that the hirers are providing this type of lifejacket but whoever you spoke to described it as a BA type so you understood it wasn't an automatic inflating type.


For clarity, you could ask the hire firm what model of kid's lifejacket they provide and look up the spcifications online. 

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Thanks so much for the help.


We contacted the rental firm and they told us that for kids they only have the buoyancy aids which are 50N rated. We read online that means they are suitable if the person wearing it is conscious and we'd much rather have her wearing a full life jacket if the worst case scenario happens. The two life jackets we've checked out look like good options, but they're ratings are quite different, so we still don't know which is best or if there is a better option out there that people would recommend.


Thanks so much again. C.

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