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  1. Once moored our yacht green nb next to a white one, the difference in temp was amazing, you could fry an egg on our roof, unable to keep my hand on it for more than a second whereas the white roof felt cool in comparison. 

  2. 14 minutes ago, magnetman said:

    I think the people who complain most are probably those who have adequate financial means but are a bit tight. 


    Its not unusual. 


    Think about the scum woman who is a daughter of that Captain Tom geyser. 


    She was moaning in the interview 'I have to work for a living'. Look at the house. Sell it and live on a boat never work again..


    Too much attitude and too much entitlement. 


    It is a societal ill. 


    I blame Gordon Brown and of course the zuck. 



    How DARE you! 😮

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  3. 2 hours ago, carlt said:

    A clarinet would be too complicated but I whittled myself a bamboo flute once, like the one Kwai Chang Caine from "Kung Fu" carried around on his back.




    I couldn't get a note out of it but I didn't know if that was a result of my poor whittling skills or my lack of prowess as a flautist.


    Perhaps a 3D printed one would be an improvement...



    When they were filming the spear dodging intro in the TV series Kung Fu a spear accidently pierced the cheeks of actor David Carradine and pinned him to the backboard, his response to that was "what kung fu that!?" 

  4. 12 minutes ago, rusty69 said:

    Tis obvious. The faster he quaffed it, the smaller the flagon of ale became. 

    Not only that, the ale would eventually disappear leaving the flagon empty, but in reality it wouldn't have disappeared it would have gone into Pukehurt's stomach and reappeared later, in an altered state, as puke. 

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  5. In Quantum reality it seems that the act of observation causes events to occur, and the level of observation will affect how that event will occur, so the act of observing and measuring Peukhert effect the results will vary. 


    The further we go down the rabbit hole the more complex it gets, surely as we learn more things should become clearer not more obscure?


    Curiouser and curiouser... 

  6. 1 hour ago, IanD said:

    Two old men, surely? 😉

    Oh much more than two


    Let's face it at the end of the day trying to show SoC/Ah remaining etc is guesswork, even Smart gauge is guessing just that those guesses get increasingly accurate until a working indication is reached. 

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  7. I have doubts about "laws" of physics having actually seen them being broken (along with 10 witnesses) 

    3 minutes ago, nicknorman said:

    Yes the battery does warm up if it is discharged fast. Or discharged at all - just more so when discharged fast. Of course it has quite a lot of thermal capacity (lead and water) so the temperature rise for a given amount of heat is not massive. But it is certainly easily measurable.

    But has anybody actually measured it? 

  8. If  energy is lost in heat then surely the battery temp will increase in line with amount of discharge* (over and above what what it would normally be if charge rate was at C20) ie the higher the level of charge/ discharge then higher or lower temp will be present and therefore measurable? 


    *instead of "discharge" spell check inserted "didgeridoo" 🤣🤣🤣


    Henceforth I shall refer to "discharge" as "didgeridoo", it makes sense 🤔

  9. 5 hours ago, Jen-in-Wellies said:

    For that you'll need the Jen-in-Wellies patent pending Unicorn Poo Eco Electricity Generator (UPEEG). Simply connect the generator to the batteries and add one shovel full of unicorn poo (not included) for years of hassle free silent electric boating. Yours for the introductory price of £10,000 +VAT*.


    *Use only genuine unicorn poo, easily recognised by the rainbows. Any other poo will invalidate your warrantee.


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  10. Just now, Athy said:

    I remember the city, wwhere I was brout up, as very hilly, soif some bits are under water, there will still be peaks to cling to.

    Meanwhile, here in the Fens, it's rained all night and all day, but the Old River Nene doesn't appear to have risen at all - well done, Middle Levels.

    Serious flooding if the whole of Sheffield was underwater! 😱😱😱

  11. 1 hour ago, GUMPY said:

    Before anyone waffles on about declaring what you use for propulsion and paying the tax I don't know of anyone that declared that correctly


    I fitted an hour counter to record when prop was turning, two reasons,

    1: to be honest,

    2: to give a reasonable record of hours spent. cruising. 

    As liveaboard ccers we recorded an average of 20%  cruising and 80%, domestic, we once went from Skipton to Devizes in a few days (approx 8 hrs daily) the split was exactly 60/40!

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  12. Innisfree has, or had, two water tanks, a bow tank + one under rhe dining table, a pump for each was simpler and served a kitchen calorifier and a bathroom calorifier, worked out really well as they were cross connected and one pump could be switched off and the other would serve the kitchen and bathroom, handy when one tank was empty,  just switch pumps over. Sounds complex but in fact was quite straightforward.

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