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  1. 1 minute ago, tree monkey said:

    Ahh I see, never heard the term, plus I suppose my working ropes would be ditched well before they reached gash stage.


    Ohhhh I used to hate new rope day ;)

    New sisal is proper nasty innitt. New PROPER manila however is luverly.

  2. 2 minutes ago, tree monkey said:

    Considering I've been playing around with ropes for a fair few years I have no idea what you mean  :)

    Lol. Generaly used with wire rope but still often used with stiff or gash rope. When coiling down sometimes its a twat when coiling normaly to the right so you put a coild down to the left and it takes the spring out of it and coils much more easily. I would expect anyone teaching using ropes to understand th e term not everyone who uses ropes though. I reckon Mr google will probably have a description under frenchman, rope or similar?

  3. 2 hours ago, zenataomm said:

    ... have none of them heard of Brasso?

    And as for how to coil a rope, don't get me started!

    A while ago a chap was having trouble coiling some old rope next to his boat, I just said " just throw a frenchman in " and he didnt even know what I meant. I will just add that at the time he was actualy supposedly giving lessons to someone else on rope use!!

  4. 7 minutes ago, Tracy D'arth said:

    TEA!  Is that the answer to everything?  Its going to be a gin day.  NOTE :-   This post contains no humour and is not rude.

    I like Gin :) Just about to have dinner, grandsprog is here, then we are off up the pub so I will have some gin 👍 she is more of a wine drinker, shes a good girl in front of Grandad lol.

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  5. 7 minutes ago, nicknorman said:

    I think you are over-reacting a little bit. It can be annoying but you (and I) can come across rather confrontationally even though we don’t (always) mean to be! You’ll get over it, just like I have on several occasions! Have a cup of tea.

    You have mellowed a hell of a lot over the last couple of years Nick.........................such a bloody shame :D

  6. 17 minutes ago, Tracy D'arth said:

    Today I am very upset.


    I post on this forum to offer help and advice to other boaters.  In return I get sworn at and subjected to bad and foul language.


    However it seems that I am not always correct in my approach or manner of posting.

    So from now on there will be no levity or humour in my posts. 


    I may even abandon the forum altogether if others are allowed to continue to use bad language.

    Take no notice of a few moaners. Your input is great and knowledgable. There used to be a poster on here called Tony Dunkley. I have met him a few times when I skippered the Nottingham Princess and before. He has forgotten much more than any other poster I have met re such as the Trent and boats i  general, especialy larger proper commercial stuff will ever know. He can be a cantankerous old git, a bit like you and me 🤣 but he has gone from the forum forever due to one or two people with a more gentle disposition shall we say. Other very knowledgable posters have also gone over the years that called a spade a spade.

  7. 19 hours ago, James Dyson said:

    Hey everyone,


    I have a morso squirrel 1430. There are two cracks at the top of the front plate at the top where the securing lugs are. Does anyone know if operating the fire with these cracks is dangerous? Can cracks be repaired, or should I just buy a new front plate from Morso?





    Surely with all the money you have you just replace the boat? 

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  8. 14 hours ago, BilgePump said:

    I've never run a sandwich shop or cafe if that's what you're asking

    I have. MTB is correct. Even if their moorings where free their business model pleases only the customer, not their pockets. They may well, as said previously have some other income stream? She may well own her own house so no rent or mortgage? It is simply also physicaly impossible especialy on rainy days ( plenty ) to take any money from 12 covers at those prices.

  9. 58 minutes ago, BilgePump said:

    Droylsden's only a few miles from home and on the way to my own boat. Looks a lovely little cafe and their FB page https://www.facebook.com/Safari-Narrowboat-Tearoom-219950255282015/ is full of complimentary messages. Menu prices seem very reasonable (£5 breakfast, £2 pot of tea). Being in the marina they also appear to have outdoor seating available on top of the 12 covers inside the boat. Hope that the owners can make an ongoing success of it. Will definitely try to grab a bite to eat there at some point this summer. 

    Those prices are not reasonable, they are downright silly if trying to make any kind of living for two people today. It will depend slightly on what is on the breakfast but a fiver is basicaly a bacon and egg butty, certainly no more. 

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  10. 1 minute ago, Alan de Enfield said:



    Well, if it was, he must have a pretty thirsty generator.

    Joking apart though. When people of his spending power ( several million for his latest boat ) can have whatever they want, if electric is so marvelous why isnt he having it in his new boat or indeed the cheapy 2 million pound or so boat he has at present??

  11. 32 minutes ago, Athy said:

    I'm doubt it too. But a "lifestyle choice", perhaps made in pursuit of a less stressful life, may have an opposite effect if she can't earn enough to make ends meet.

    Wise words. In answer to the question, NO a " Decent?? " living for two cannot possibly be made out of such a venture. The lifestyle choice will b4 very long bring stress due to level of income unless they have some other income stream we know not of.

  12. 25 minutes ago, Alan de Enfield said:


    I dread to think what filling up my boat from empty would cost now


    2,800 litre tankage.


    In the past many marinas have been unable to supply enough fuel (they only keep sufficient to top up the 'rag & stick' merchants who only want 20 or 30 litres at a time) and I have had to get a road tanker come down to the quayside to fill me up.

    Yes our friend doesnt quote litres often, he buys fuel by the ton!! Tanks are somewhere around 5000 litres. He has a new boat on order and ive just googled the specs and the tanks on that one are depending on actual model around 11000 litres.....kinell

    1 minute ago, mrsmelly said:

    Yes our friend doesnt quote litres often, he buys fuel by the ton!! Tanks are somewhere around 5000 litres. He has a new boat on order and ive just googled the specs and the tanks on that one are depending on actual model around 11000 litres.....kinell

    Oh and edit to add, it aint poxy electric :clapping: As he can afford anything, I do wonder why companies are not fitting hairdryer motors to boats like his as the norm these days??

  13. 3 minutes ago, Wanderer Vagabond said:

    The big difference with the 'mini gin palaces' is just how much fuel they use. I currently burn about 1 litre an hour on my travels, so even if diesel goes up to £2 a litre that's still only going to be £2 per hour, I'll cruise 4 hours a day so that will cost me £8 per day. That's about 2 pints of beer in a pub now isn't it?

    Yes, I dont think the fuel prices for narrowboat useage will concern anyone who has such a boat. It is still a small part of running the boat even if ccing. Whilst recently having a beer with a friend of hours we actualy mentioned fuel useage for boats and I said just how little over the thirty odd years diesel had cost us. When he tops his boat up it costs him about 5k each time and he doesnt let the tanks get very low, :o

  14. 8 minutes ago, Tony1 said:


    The only thing worse than being trapped on a boat with a woman is being trapped on a boat with a man.

    And worse still, trapped on a boat with a Jack Russell. At some point on a winter evening, you just know the little hound will be looking at you and thinking:

    'If I was four stone heavier, I'd have you sonny.' 



    Jack Russels are far two small for boating, ya cant see the lightle blighters and trip over them. A proper sized dog was what we always lived aboard with so we knew where they were lol.

  15. 13 minutes ago, Sea Dog said:

    I asked CRT how many such complaints they received. It was just the one, but as it was from @mrsmelly they felt it best to just do go back to printing imperial measurements as well.


    (For accuracy, I should point out that I made this up, but it is entirely possible)



    I was most impressed with one of my grandkids only the other day. I asked him how tall he was and he immediately replied six feet seven, without hesitation, as thats what he says whoever asks. It just goes to show that even today some unis at least have kids who know their stuff :) It makes far more sense than two hunderd point seven centimetres anyway ;)

  16. 36 minutes ago, magnetman said:

    It's a shame Tony Dunkley isn't on here. 


    He's great at doing extensive ranting about how the boat he once owned was subjected to a S8 then sold by them to a new owner but is still technically his boat. 


    It seems a valid argument but there are times when what actually happens in the real world takes precedence over what an individual may think is right or wrong. 


    The London situation is interesting as there are a lot of people with plenty of money (those new widebeams are not free) so in theory a group funded court case against CRT could be done.


    Problem being that nobody is really that interested in living on a boat unless it is super cheap so most do toe the line. There will always be alternatives for most people. 


    Annoyingly it can be those who have no other options who get screwed by the CRT






    Tony is a great, knowlegable bloke. Does he use the lesser forum called Thunderclap or something like that? Did he ever get his boat back?

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