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  1. 1 minute ago, jetzi said:

    Not sure if finding empty cylinders is still a problem, but I came across 3 Calor cylinders flytipped with some other stuff at the top of a rough road in south West Yorkshire. Think there are 2x 13kg and 1 larger one. They appear to be in OK condition, not sure if they are fillable, but I should think the condition is Calor's problem once you've returned them. Are these junk or could they be useful to anyone?

    Are they owned by calor or any of its subsidiarys?

  2. 2 hours ago, David Schweizer said:


    I had a similar experience some years ago in Braunston. Travelling at a gentle pace past the Toll House towards the lock, a small cruiser launched itself out of the marina entrance less tha an hundred feet in front of me. With boats moored along the towpath, I had nowhere to go, other than straight into the cruiser. My immediate reaction was to yell (and I have loud voice!) "get that XXXX plastic and plywood out of the way". Whether he heard me or suddenly saw me, I do not know, but he franticly reversed back in to the marina entrance, missing our bow by only a few feet. I did not engage in conversation with him as we passed.

    I was approaching Holme lock on one occasion driving the Notts Princess ( 86 feet long over 20 foot beam and 16 foot six air draught over 100 tons etc etc painted bright white, when a knob in a narrowboat seeing the gates swing open ( to let me in ) with 160 plus passengers aboard he just let go his ropes and reversed from the side straight in front of me, he hadnt even looked behind once. Luckily I had anticipated and slowed and then stopped a few feet from him and gave an appropriate horn signal, he turned round and shat himself. b4 pulling back to the bank. Plenty of em out there.

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  3. Something needs clearing up. The term widebeam makes everyone think of a fat narrowboat. Many have a shallow draught. My widebeam made by  Horsley Quenet had a draught a tad under 3 feet and plenty of headroom. There are plenty of moorings on the waterways built for such boats in the north rather than such as the K and A.

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  4. 25 minutes ago, Bee said:

    Everybody else's dogs are pretty much just dogs but my dog is a very special friend who goes everywhere with me and if a pub doesn't allow dogs then I don't go there. Recently lost my old collie and that was a bleak time. Have now got a 4 month old Whippet / Lab who is becoming quite special.  Oi! What have you got now you little sod! Have you shredded another bog roll?  Put that cushion down! Oh B***** hell something smells horrible. Is that you?  Yeah well, maybe it really is just a dog.

    Too true. I was in the local posh nosh pub last night. Not only do they allow dogs but each dog is given a blanket to lie on and a bowl of water, treats are available.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Adventurer said:

    Wow, how old was the boat out of interest?

    That's interesting as funds are ready and waiting to complete purchase.

    Facts are that if you dont mess about with a survey you will get a good deal even in the present climate. I never had a survey on any of the 8 boats I lived on and often got huge amounts off. Only one was surveyed out of the 8 that I sold on. I sold my last boat to a non messing, cash buyer earlier this year, who also got a good deal and I had zero hassle with tyre kickers. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, sunny said:

    Says mr money bags

    I think Mike was tongue in cheek but the costs have always been too cheap for what boaters get, I always said it was a bargain. It costs more to be members of some poxy golf clubs than having a boat including 365 days useage, sewage disposal, rubbish disposal, potable water and a couple of thousand miles of waterways to use.

  7. 1 hour ago, _Catherine_ said:


    I live on a 57ft Collingwood and want to switch from pump out to cassette toilet. In the absence of my research finding any such toilet that I can use electric flush and existing water and having a front cassette my only option seems to be the Thetford C263 unless someone can advise otherwise. No room for side cassette toilets.


    Question that Thetford don't seem to supply...does the rear cassette come out flush with the floor/bottom of the toilet. This would not be an option due to the wardrobe plinth behind. Can anyone who has this model advise the height of cassette off the floor and dimensions of the cassette and whether the toilet could be raised to accommodate.


    This is my first post, but don't want any going off at tangents as to why I wish to change and don't want composting toilet.


    Sensible advice much appreciated.

    No one will go off on a tangent, you are proving to be eminently sensible in two ways immediately. Firstly by removing the daft pumpout and secondly by not fitting an even dafter dump in a plastic bag so called composting bog.

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  8. 3 minutes ago, Eldog said:

    I've searched Signal Finders but most have mixed reviews - has anyone got a recommendation?



    A decent pair of binoculars is what I akways used to scan the area and see which way aerials were pointing. Doesnt work in wooded areas but neither does a telly much.

  9. 6 hours ago, MtB said:

    As with lots of companies with a large customer base, the odd person with a bad experience tends to make a lot of noise about it on the net while the satisfied customers just get on with life. So you posting about a good experience helpfully adds some balance.


    A lot also depends on the competence of the bod who turns up on the day, and RCR must just get on the fone and ring around looking for a local technician when they get a call-out, so you who you get is entirely pot-luck. You hit gold I'd suggest. It could easily have gone the other way. 

    This. When my drive plate failed on christmas eve just after leavin a river in flood ( phew ) theyb were amazing, quick and competent. The bloke who did the job was on time and spot on. Of course it will depend on who turns up.

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  10. Years ago in my early days of living aboard and when it was still possible to use a telephone and talk to someone at any office quite quickly I broached the subject and was told any address was OK that could contact me. Hence I've used parents, kids and pubs until very recently. 

  11. 7 minutes ago, MrBoater2021 said:

    Oooh really. What voltage am I supposed to charge them up to?

    If you havnt fully charged them properly they will soon shoot up to a high voltage but the capacity will be so reduced that they run out of juice very quickly hence dim lights very quickly. As consumables you need to bin them and replace them and charge them fully every day. Take them up to about 14.4 with ish 4 amps going in for about an hour before switching off on an average sized battery bank of 3 or 4 batteries. You have been massively under charging them and they will be knackered.

  12. 18 hours ago, MtB said:


    That's a restaurant not a pub.

    This is the sad reality of many a pub these days. I am lucky in that the place I have moved to although small still has two pubs that get reasonable support and neither does any food, still being proper pubs :D

    Which reminds me, tis nearly beer oclock :D

  13. 1 minute ago, George and Dragon said:

    I would give you a greenie for useful advice. I guess it gets noisier near the M40, I don't suppose the trains will bother us greatly though. Is it practical to wind a 60' boat south of Thrupp without venturing onto the Thames


    I guess buses tend to go to population centres at some point on their route...

    Does the EA get to keep the money it charges for licences? I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised to learn that by some magical funding formula they lose any excess over their costs in reduced grant </cynic>. However, I will not let my cynicism alone deter me from following your advice :) 


    Are there dog friendly pubs in Oxford?

    Several places to rurn 60ft below Thrupp. Best if not going ont Thames is to drop thro Isis lock and spin there just ont Thames back water and come straight back into the lock, no licence required. Can turn at Dukes before entering the last leg to Oxford if you prefer. Plenty of pubs some allow dogs but after covid u need to fone and check. The Lamb and Flag that was the best pub in Oxford is now closed :(

    Plenty of great overnight moorings on the very uncrowded south Oxford. Stop at The Pig place at Adderbury for some PROPER pork and a fabulous breakfast and overnight mooring with lectric but no water.

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  14. On 08/09/2021 at 10:44, Bod said:

    For the sake of domestic harmony, speaking from experience, DO NOT interfere with with a ladies hair arrangements.  Other than to say "That looks nice"



    On the other hand it may be advantageous to dispose of the precious wife and trade her in for a less precious model? The first model I ran was ok but a little precious so I swopped her in for the present model who is way less problematic and far more robust. No hairdryer, no nail varnish or any other nonsense.

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