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  1. 5 hours ago, sigsegv said:

    Gonna throw an opinion here: give Richmond's vegan sausages a go! As someone that recently turned vegan, I've been massively disappointed with the vegan sausages on offer. But the Richmond ones (can come in a bag frozen or sometimes in the fresh section) are simply incredible. Couple that with some mashed potato, peas and a gravy made from a knorr stockpot and a simple roux and you've got yourself a meal!

    Why not just eat proper vegan food? wilted leaf of lettuce, bowl of hot water, etc etc? why oh why do you have to eat pretend food? sausages have been a meat based product for centuries. Like facon bacon, whats the bloody point, just eat vegan stuff, no need to pretend.

    14 minutes ago, LadyG said:

    Gravy does not sound very vegan. .

    I eat plenty of veggies, but fish and chips can't be beaten. Except for a bacon sandwich when really hungry. Yummmmm

    Nowt wrong with vegetarianism, we have a sprog that has been veggie since she was five years old, she is now 48. However, she never touches gimmick food, if there is nowt on a restauran,t or pub menu that is veggie specific, zero fuss, she just asks for a bowl of veg/rice/pasta etc etc.

  2. 1 hour ago, sans allumette said:


    May I recommend you pop round to your local supermarket and pick up some disposable nappies? You will be surprised just how much water they suck up, and you are then not faced with having to wash and dry your towel(s). I looked at the prices in Tesco (as an example) and you can get 40 for £3.


    Hope it all goes well for you. I hate leaks with a vengeance!

    They certainkly do soak up lots of water, however be aware that they need chucking away at regular intervals. If you leave em when full of water they break up and make a hell of a mess, dont ask me how I know this. :)

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  3. 1 hour ago, Goliath said:

    if only...I bought fuel today at £1.90 per litre, domestic price, not far from triple the price a year ago.

    So a tad more than 50% 

    £50 gets you F all now


    When we moved aboard full time live aboards in 89 diesel could still be had for 50 pence A GALLON. A tad more in some places. There were plenty of three piece suites in the cut and several cars. Such as the A and C had lengsthmen and full time lockies lived in the lock cottages at most of the locks. Other areas were maintained to a lesser extent, the coventry canal was full of rubbish and furniture when we moved aboard at Ansty the day we set off. The canals improved over the next approx ten or so years but have gone downhill for the last few. Still better to live on a boat than a house if you can, lets hope it improves again over the next few years. 

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  4. 11 minutes ago, haggis said:

    Having read bits and pieces of this thread it strikes me that someone is trying to convince himself that he has made the right decision not to have an anchor. I take my hat off to all who have advised having an anchor and why but I think you are wasting your time. 

    I don't think anyone other than the original poster is reading this thread to find out if they should have an anchor or not. The OP is the only one and he made up his mind ages ago  but is still trying to convince himself he made the right decision. 


    The scary thing is, as with you tube, people with no clue put stuff out and people with even less idea, watch it, and take it onboard, as though the poster knows all about it, and thats what to do. Even a complete numpty understands the good reasons why an anchor is carried by people with a brain, on their narrowboats but there may be the odd chance someone reads this thread and thinks the OP actualy has some understanding, when in fact he is clueless and his views dangerous. Still, he has 200k to throw away on a boat that will be worth 100k after launch so I suppose he must know best. The combined knowledge and experience of the rest counts for nowt.

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  5. 1 minute ago, Wanderer Vagabond said:

    Not giving guidance, merely stating that someone bragging about having a Boatmaster Licence as though that gives a qualification about everything to do with boating is no different to someone claiming that because they have a driving licence they have a qualification about everything to do driving. Had you merely expressed your opinion regarding the usage, or otherwise, of anchors without trying to 'big it up' by mentioning the Boatmaster (which sounds impressive, but isn't really) then no comment would have been made.

    I only mentioned what would happen if I was completely stupid enough to not ensure both anchors were onboard, only a first class, complete fool would venture onto a river such as the Trent etc without one. They cost bugger all in the scheme of things. You havnt a clue what is involved in obtaining a boatmasters licence, they are different for each boat. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Wanderer Vagabond said:

    Oh, I thought it was bigger than that. Yes it was that one that gave two blasts on the horn and then pulled out directly into my path on the Trent. I was so close that I couldn't even cut across it's stern and had to steer out into the river to avoid a collision. This was back in 2015 and I'm not saying that the other poster was skippering, but in my view, if you cast off and cause another boat to have to take serious evasive action to avoid a collision because you haven't looked behind, then you have seriously fouled up. Hence my comment about holding a Boatmaster Licence isn't necessarily evidence of competence.

    Its pointless realy responding to your waffle, but here goes. As others have stated there are good and bad in all jobs. I cannot even tell you of the countless many many times I had to take action due to the complete incompetence of narrowboaters. It was too many times to mention. Most though were ok and had some idea of what they were doing. I dont recall coming across many foolish enough to not carry an anchor in my years though, much like motorcyclists, its not daily you see one in a T shirt and shorts wearing flip flops, but the moronic eejuts do exist.

  7. Ive said this many times before. The first thing I do when buying a boat new to me, is replace all the leisure/service batteries. You dont know how old or how good they are. Batteries are like diesel, use and replace. Dodgy batteries can cause all manner of peculiar problems with the electrics. Having seen one after it exploded on a commercial boat I am licensed for you wouldnt believe the devastation one can cause, and that was one we knew and maintained and it still went bang whilst on charge.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Wanderer Vagabond said:

    Anchors aside, having seen the standard of some of the Boatmaster Licence Holders on both the Thames and the Trent, I'm unsure of how much of a recommendation that is in reality.:unsure: I was well impressed by the standard of the Tug Skippers on the Thames, but they were just pulling rubbish barges, now  after the Marchioness disaster I was expecting the passenger boat skippers to be absolutely First Class, sadly I was very disappointed, they were crap.

    Well I wasnt, Ive heard twaddle like your post here over the years, there are good and bad in every job/qualification. To make it easy for those with less " Gumption " There are safety measures in many walks of life, some compulsory, some not. Take an easy one so its not too taxing for you, a motorcycle. Its compulsory to use one piece of safety equipment, the crash helmet, its not compulsory to wear decent safety clothing, so we have all seen the total numpties in shorts and a T shirt. Same with boats realy.

    2 minutes ago, M_JG said:


    I guess its much like all professions/jobs.


    Some coppers are clearly crap, but they tend to be in the minority. Same as my old profession, not all nurses are 'angels'.

    Is your head staring to hurt as well :banghead:

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  9. 1 minute ago, BEngo said:

    There is no plastic on a proper black pudding.  They are (should be) made by filling a section of well scrubbed pig intestine.  Remember that only the oink gets wasted.



    Agreed. Problem is we cannot buy the proper stuff other than Lancashire and Yorkshire :( As soon as you hit the south of England ( Sheffield ) it all goes tits up ;)

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  10. 22 minutes ago, Tim Lewis said:


    Stopped in Ferrybridge once and went to the local bakers, my then partner pointed at what she wanted. The lady behind the counter pronounced 'you want some scufflers?'  A word I had never heard before or since!



    Scufflers are lovely. Baked in one but scored then cut into triangles, so look like a pizza section bread cake. Smashin stuff and very popular round Cas vegas, Ponte carlo, feverly Hills and Vietnorm area.

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  11. 10 hours ago, Ianws said:

    My dad used to like black pudding rings, boiled not fried, with tomatoes, mustard and a barm cake. Not the Bury black puddings, the ones from Thornleys Bolton with proper chunks of fat in them. Not sure if they are still going. 

    Black pudding is best served cold without further cooking, its yummy, just remove the plastic lol. 

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  12. 4 minutes ago, Alan de Enfield said:



    Guiness was the only supplier who actually came around and tested our serving temperatures - not the theoretical temperature coming thru the chiller, but the ACTUAL served temperature in the glass.

    Indeed. I have had that, guinness are very protective of their brand and do monitor such things. I have also been visited at two different pubs with Mr weights and measures, have you ever had them descend on you?

  13. 1 minute ago, Goliath said:

    You need to cram between 25 to 30 cans of lager in the fridge. Get them proper proper cold and they’ll stay well cold with the fridge off for 12 hrs easy peasy. 
    You must empty the fridge of food stuffs for maximum room. 👍

    Yeah, whats that all about!! wasting precious fridge space with food :cheers:

  14. 1 hour ago, ditchcrawler said:

    I don't. I have also spent time in the food industry, food hygiene certificate many years expired (do the expire?) When I worked Offshore all my team did the food hygiene thing as we use to take food to un-maned installations.

    An even more terrifying thought, if you turn the fridge off at night and forget to switch it back on in the morning, you would end up with warm beer :o

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