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  1. ALL Fat Boats should be banned :D

    1. peterboat


      I have bought a short and fat boat last year, its a 32 foot broads cruiser. I am converting it to electric drive, plus a full refit then taking it back to the broads.

      Its my intention to sell the present boat and move onto the other boat when its done and live on the broads.

      Its a lot cheaper to license down there and they get more sun happy days or wot


    2. mrsmelly


      We need to talk!! :D

    3. peterboat
  2. Bloody Far Boats should be banned! :D

  3. Hi

    Great for you to get in touch. The silly forum rules mean I also cannot send you a message so if you get this please do another four posts, just add any point of view to any posts then we can message each other. I would love to give you some history on your boat.


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