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  1. That is one thing I've thought about, are there areas where getting a pump-out done is difficult or expensive? thanks
  2. I've been a member for a couple of years and I have learned an awful lot myself. The only problem I've found is the odd person here and there that would rather be sarcastic than helpful, but I suppose that's just life isn't it? We hope to become live-aboards ourselves this time next year, just got to get the house sold and we're off! It's great to have this online community to pick their brains and hopefully learn from their mistakes! Thanks Michele
  3. Thanks John. Yes, I thought the self pump out wouldn't be worth it and I'd not even thought about storing it...YUK! When you say you have a cassette for emergency use, is this a porta-potti type that is stored away until you need to use it? Do you live aboard/spend long periods aboard? I think the idea of using others' toilets (supermarkets,pub, work, visiting friends etc)is a very good idea! Cheers Michele I've read that cassette toilets can be smelly, (air displaced from the cassette when the waste drops in) do you find this? Is yours a fitted loo or a free standing one? thanks
  4. Ah, most interesting! Thanks, I'll have a look at that option. Best of both worlds, so to speak. .....by asking advice from people who have been there and done it......?
  5. Have any of you used a self pump-out kit? Would this be more hassle than it's worth? I know tank sizes vary but how often, on average with two people living aboard, would a pump-out be needed? Are there lots of places that can do a pump out or are they difficult to find? Thanks
  6. What about the extra space that could be used under the bed if the tank wasn't there? Do you have to use chemicals in the cassette toilet? Thanks
  7. Do you live aboard? How many of you live aboard? thanks
  8. That's what I always thought, but after the last two winters we've had, how do you get on with not being able to move for weeks on end and not being able to pump out? Surely a cassette loo would be better in that situation? thanks Michele
  9. Which toilet do you think is best? I've been reading up on this and have always thought a pump out tank would be my choice but I'm being swayed towards a cassette toilet now. What are the pros and cons of using either? I'd be interested in your thoughts on ease of use, costs etc, thanks. Michele
  10. Hi to everyone who has offered me ways of getting to/from Rose's Bash. It's very much appreciated but after all that I am not going to be able to go! My next operation is now upon me and I'm due in hospital next Sunday. I hope that you all have a great time and maybe you can have a drink for me! Thanks Michele x
  11. Well, we live in Stourbridge. We haven't decided whether we'll stay or not, yet. I can't drive at the moment, but may be able to get somewhere by bus if anyone can help. (there would be two of us by the way) That's very kind of you, when would you be coming back,please?
  12. Well, the surgery went very well, "text book" according to my surgeon. I'm able to walk again now but only for a couple of minutes. Not able to drive for 8 weeks so am still trying to sort out a lift to get to Rose's Birthday banter. My friend who I was originally going to ask will be on holiday so it's back to square one at the moment. But, still hope to be there! Michele xx
  13. Just had an email invite from Cheshire Rose to the bash of the year! I'm having surgery on 13th April and won't be allowed to drive for a few months, but if I can find a driver and I feel well enough.....we'll be there! Don't think I'll be up for camping though! Michele x
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