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  1. 34 minutes ago, David Mack said:

    Back in the early 80s I looked at a house for sale in West Norwood, South London that had electric lighting, but no power sockets. Gas lit until a few years earlier, the gas board had had to install an electricity supply and electric lighting when the area was converted to natural gas. So it was a minimal system - one bare bulb in the middle of the ceiling in each room, wiring run on the surface everywhere, and no sockets. And the old gas light fittings were still in place, but disconnected. In some ways I regret not buying that house!

    What would the average BSS inspector make of gas lighting? Nothing in the rules that prohibit it as far as I can see, but I imagine you might get at least some raised eyebrows!

    I think @MtB has gas lamps on one of his boats

  2. Just now, Thomas C King said:


    Yes, agree completely, that's why I wouldn't consider threatening someone with a knife (also because, the law).


    Horns are also a good idea.

    In the very few occasions I have been in vaguely similar situations it was just bluster and noise that got me out, often most thieves or scrouts are ready to run tbh you just need to encourage 

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  3. In my humble opinion unless you can actually use whatever it is you wish to "arm" yourself with, just don't, you could as easily be giving the perp a weapon from your own hand, considering my working life I have a fair few sharp and heavy hitting type things and they would stay firmly in there storage.


    Again my opinion if you have to confront someone make sure you have an escape route first but be LOUD and confident maybe have an air horn nearby and use it and most importantly use you phone to take (or pretend) to take photos.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, blackrose said:

    Could be. I'm in a marina off the River Nene, so I'd expect them to seek still water in the marina but they definitely seem attracted to the boats.

    Algae growing on the boats, plus various invertebrates and other goodies, if you're a fish

  5. 2 minutes ago, blackrose said:

    In the last month or so the water around the boats in the marina I'm in has been thick with fish, thousands of them. I don't think I've ever seen so many fish in a small area of water apart from perhaps when I've been travelling in tropical countries.


    Does anyone know why they might be congregating in such numbers?








    It's almost time to get down and dirty, if you look really hard you will see the candle light and hear the wine corks being pulled.


    I am being a tad silly but I suspect its something to do with spawning.

  6. 19 minutes ago, doratheexplorer said:

    I genuinely believe that the challenge should be televised.  I think lot's of people would love it.  If indoor bowls gets tv coverage, why not this?

    The drink and debauchery would probably relegate it to a subscription service only

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  7. 26 minutes ago, TheBiscuits said:


    I thought @RLWP answered it well enough.


    In 2019 we were aiming for 300 points and based on previous years scoring that would have given us a position in the top quarter of the table.  We would have been happy with this, a respectable showing on our first challenge entry.


    As it happened, we did slightly better than that, scoring 318 points and coming top of the table. In other years that score would have placed 6th or 7th.


    The 2019 scores were:



    Rank BoatName Total Points

    1 Good Times 318.36

    2 Rebellion 300.75

    3 Tatty Lucy 287.18

    4 Firefly 283.19

    5 Maxwell 274.93

    6 Mary Beth 263.75

    7 Scorpio & Leo 263.65

    8 Blue Nun 249.94

    9 Goosander 245.35

    10 Misbourne No3 242.48

    11 Free Spirit 232.06

    12 Corolla 215.7

    13 Joy 213.08

    14 Dotterel 209.63

    15 Peckham Poppy 207.33

    16 Carrie-Lou 200.5

    17 Rhiannon 177.5

    18 Charlie B 175.15

    19 Caretta 166.4

    20 Joanna 140.5

    21 The Cat Who Walks by Himself 57.85

    22 Kharis Late Entry 19.9

    23 Clarrie 12.38


    Cycling entry  (#BCNChallenge)

    1 Dave Paine. 219.25



    Clarrie played a blinder that year

  8. 6 minutes ago, Athy said:

    A greeno for the use of that word, which is a new one to me. Whereabouts were you brought up?

    Your story reminds me of when we used to visit my Auntie Connie and Uncle Jack in Hasland, near Chesterfield. Their road was on a lorry route from a local pit. Just down from them was a bump in the road and, each time a Coal Board lorry went past, out would pop an old lad, flat-capped and cardiganed, with his shovel to scoop up the lumps which had bounced off the lorry. 

    Just as, I believe, narrowboat crews never needed to pay for their coal. Some of our relatives who worked down the pits or had retired from them actually got a free coal allowance which a lorry would deliver to them each year; maybe the N.C.B. management reckoned that if they didn't give them the coal, they'd have nicked it anyway.

       Sad to think that modern children probably ask "What's coal?"

    EPort on the Wirral, not sure where the word came from though but both Mum and Dad came from big Catholic families so slightly loose morals I suspect with acquiring a few freebies 

  9. 1 hour ago, Athy said:

    My Dad, when he wanted to keep the fire in overnight, banked it up and then heaped the ashes from under the grate on top of it. Was that done round your way too?


    I wonder what sort of car or lorry the wheel came from.

    Exactly what my Dad used to do, he also used to sieve the ashes to extract all the unburnt noggings and use that to bank the fire

    26 minutes ago, Athy said:

    We were in Sheffield, so if you ran out of coal you only had to walk down t'road to t'nearest pit.

    One of my Mums favourite childhood tales was pushing a trolly after the coal man and picking up dropped lumps, as well as sneaking onto the railway sidings and scrounging coal spilled out of the tenders



    To add.

    In fact that's just reminded me of a tale Dad told me of filling a bag full of coal and dumping it off the footplate on a slow bit to be picked up later

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  10. 6 minutes ago, cheshire~rose said:

    Thankfully our team and much faster at working through locks than they are responding to emails to allow me to get our entry form in!


    There are a series of very pressing questions that take more priority though:

    •  Dare I open the cupboard where the (now very past it's sell by date) Pot Noodle is stored to bring it along?
    • Will Dr Bob be participating so it can be delivered to him?
    • Has The Noodle now become a living entity of it's own so I need to register it as a crew member?

    No email

  11. Ellesmere port is the rubbish disposal for Chester, apparently it why I ended up there :)


    Enjoy Chester, it is sorta my home town, despite the EPort upbringing as most of the family were from there and I do love the place.


    Spend some time looking up as there's some really interesting building details people often overlook and wander off the main shopping areas because there's plenty of stuff easily missed 

  12. 3 minutes ago, Mrs Tawny Owl said:

    It's something to think about, but not for this year, I'm struggling with getting this organised, and running our business after the last difficult couple of years.


    Maybe we can look at ideas and suggestions for a future years, it is a good idea but just too hard at the moment.




    I doubt anyone is expecting you both to drop everything and introduce new things for this year's BCN, certainly not me, just throwing around ideas.

    Thank you both for all the work you put into this

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  13. 1 minute ago, Dave_P said:

     I would think the main barrier to non-boaters taking part is where do they sleep overnight?  If I walk it, I shall probably leave my boat at my intended overnight stop.

    Maybe a challenger could gain bonus points for allowing a walking challenger to kip overnight.

    Plus bonus for

    Mug of tea

    Bit of toast

    Full English...


    Maybe a reduced bonus for making them sleep on the roof because they're a bit sweaty and smelly

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  14. 19 minutes ago, TheBiscuits said:


    For what my opinion is worth, I think walkers should get extra points/bonus scores for walking un-navigable  sections.  Ridgacre/Bradley is a very obvious one but there are probably others.

    In my ignorance I've forgotten the chaps name who did the videos for the virtual BCN, I would have thought he would have a lot of info about the derelict bits, maybe have a parallel walking BCN challenge for those bits

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