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  1. Hi is there any places around burscough we’re I can get boat out of water please I know there is Wigan dry dock thanks
  2. Thanks how did you find out is it official even the CRT don’t know
  3. Hi anyone local to Wigan know anything about the top lock before Wigan actually it’s fourth lock down the lock is empty and I think there is a hole it’s not on CRT Irang them they don’t know anything does anyone know about it thanks
  4. Thanks for replying appreciate it I forgot to say towards Blackburn
  5. Hi everyone a bit of advice needed we have just passed Richmond park by premier inn near to turf moor football ground got about 1 hour maybe 2 to cruise anyone know we’re is a good stopping place handy for pub and shops any info is appreciated sorry it’s short notice but had a breakdown, ok now thanks
  6. Hi everyone looking for info please ,is there any blockages from Burnley to Wigan and how long roughly will it take thanks
  7. Thanks for all the sensible replies I appreciate it to the others I have thick skin and just scroll past them I didn’t say I was unemployed I am working and possible getting made redundant so might lose my accommodation,so I was just asking in case it happens I have worked for 50 years never claimed anything so thought renting a boat would be a bit cheaper than a flat as the renting sector is expensive. so 750000 immigrants came to this country in the last year I have nothing against the asylum seekers who have been persecuted, so they get house food expenses I will not be asking for as much these people if I eventually need it so thanks to the caring people on here not going to mention the others who this forum don’t need but I am in favour of free speech as long as it is sensible thanks everyone it’s a good forum
  8. Hi all I have chance of renting canal boat as I will be homeless in a month and I am unemployed can I claim some benefits to help me pay thanks Jimmy
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