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  1. I think you're probably right, but Team Mods wants us to report such posts not speculate in threads about them.
  2. No I should be the one apologising. I misread your post and answered a question you didn't ask!
  3. Oh you must be near me then. I'm in deepest rural England too! Only people who can't do full-circle bell ringing call us 'campanologists'. We call ourselves "bell ringers"
  4. I have no side hatches. Both my boats have though. I just turn all the lights in the boat ON and the lifht escaping from the portholes illuminates the sides of a tunnel. Plus my hand-held torch that I can use to shine at the brickwork, up ventilation shafts, at notices screwed to the wall and look for bats. I once spent about 90 mins doing Crick tunnel. SO much to look at with a good torch.
  5. I've been cruising today but now I'm back in my hovel with a bottle of good wine. Mebbe you can tell! I tend to pay other people to maintain the boat. I'm better off doing what I specialise in to rake in the money, and hand it back out to people who specialise in boat engineering.
  6. Ooohh you don't live in the UK do you? Here, no-one has the faintest idea about their floor area. You would know that if you lived here. We count the number of bedrooms and reception rooms. Shot in the dark, you are Singapore or Hong Kong?
  7. I answered it! The OP also rolled in the amount of time cruising to his question, which is why I came up with 10 hours a week. I maintain this is a realistic average estimate even though the actual time required can vary widely. One week it might be half an hour, other occasional weeks it might be 30 or 40 hours.
  8. Because they have an annoying habit of popping off the pipe when frozen. If there are no joints under the floor, you are unlikely to be needing to re-assemble them after an extended period of sub-zero temps.
  9. I think it is because DMR is a smart cookie with extensive experience of CCing.
  10. I'm not sure anyone gave a factual answer like what I just dun. DMR came closest I reckon.
  11. As in..... "Darrrrhling DOOO come and look at this boat I've found on Air BNB. It has floor dimensions of 42' x 6' so we simply HAVE to rent it for a week, don'tcher think??!
  12. You're welcome. It includes a fair bit of (mandatory) cruising time too.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. 10 hours a week, in my opinion. Hope that helps
  15. You've disqualified me from answering your question as I'm 69 years old, and therefore as bitter as a lemon. Apparently!
  16. Point of Order Yer Honour.... Lemons are "sour", not "bitter".
  17. Give it time... we all end up in the trees once in a while!
  18. And today I had yet another one creeping out of the lock at 1/8" per fortnight. What eventually came out was an immaculate, brand new-looking boat about 65ft long. Perfect hull blacking, perfect topside paintwork. I think it was the overhanging tree branch was spooking them with a leaf hanging down and dragging along the roof.
  19. Also IIRC, colregs specify a stern light must be white.
  20. Exactly. Whitfield attracted so much derision because most of the 'tech' was pointless and done 'just because they can'. It became a beacon of how not to do it and put a lot of people off trying new ideas, sadly.
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  22. Quite right, and 600mm deep worktops in a narrowboat are just too deep when there is are worktops on both sides of the galley. The worktops in this boat I'm on now are 550mm deep (and on my other boat, 525mm IIRC)
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