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  1. Would a domestic freezer be ok for flogging foodstuffs to the public? I'd have thought you'd need something designed and certificated for the job, with temp display, temp alarms, stuff like that. Curious about making proper ice cream though. Whenever I've goggled recipes, they all seem like a DIY compromise. How do you make it? What would make yours 'proper ice cream' as opposed to noddy ice cream?
  2. So given Mr Parry's commitment we've just seen to enforcing the T&Cs, has anyone here actually reported this bod's engine-running and generally aggressive behaviour, via the channels suggested? (Aggressive behaviour towards other boaters also contravenes one of the T&C, iirc.)
  3. Do you really see aircraft being banned? I don't. Look at the sheer volume of consumer resistance there had been to losing the odd holiday abroad due to coronavirus. And when aircraft continue flying (as I believe they will) so will the manufacture of avgas, near as dammit the same stuff as diesel. If not, then
  4. Aha, so you DO have access to a smartphone.... Totally agree with you about the evils of social media though. This board however, is social media. If you mean delete one's Facebook, Instagram etc accounts I rarely use them, but that doesn't help. They still track you around using your credit and debit card receipts. And of course your wife's smartphone listens in to everything that YOU say within earshot. (Just to cheer you up.)
  5. How can you possibly survive without a smartphone! ISTR them saying on the wireless yesterday that 99% of the uk population now owns a smartphone.
  6. I'm scared of e-bikes. Once I get one, I fear my ordinary bikes will just rot away unused.
  7. I'm inclined to agree, but if the charger was working, surely that would deliver enough current to work the fridge. Therefore, I think we can conclude, the charger has ceased to be connected to the batts. It could have been the solar alone charging the batts all summer, and now the days are shortening and the solar charge diminishing, the batts are no longer being fully charged every day and have simply run down to much.
  8. What a load of carp!
  9. Yeah Biz, change your font to the palest of grey.... then no-one will notice you said it!
  10. Swerving off at a tangent, marina finances always strike me as barely viable when I do the 'back of envelope' calcs. 100 boats in a marina, each paying say £3k a year is a trivial income for a business requiring several £m in capital, and probably at least half the income gets spent on overheads leaving naff-all profit for the effort. Thames marinas are a bit different as the sums are larger, but the ratios are probably similar.
  11. Unnecessary scaremongering. The banning of diesel engines in existing boats lies so far into the future the OP may well be dead by the time that happens. Or their boat may be!
  12. Or more accurately, unprofessionally for them to have ignored the fridge ventilation requirements! In the OP's case though, their fridge appears to have worked perfectly for a long time before developing the fault being discussed, so it is unlikely to be a ventilation problem.
  13. Assuming you don't want it to be electric, the Dahon "Jack" uses the same "centre-hinge" frame as the Zero-G I mentioned upthread and appears to be still available new. It is the most excellent towpath folding bike I've ever ridden - you would not know it was a folder if you just grabbed one and test-rode it. The only drawback of the "Jack" is the rigid forks, but it is not that difficult to fit a set of RockShox bouncy forks to make it ride like a Zero-G.
  14. I haven't assumed anything, hence my use of the word "suggests". Further tests are necessary. Assuming (!) the Victron blue box is a charger, the 14.4v displayed on it could easily be the open circuit voltage charging voltage while the batts are flat as pancakes, caused simply by a bad connection or a wire falling off. The OP needs a DVM!
  15. Excellent work. So now we know for certain it really is a 12Vdc (or 24Vdc) fridge, which means we are actually diagnosing what we thought we were. We are not running up a blind alley. Secondly, the result of your experiment running the engine and finding the fridge works normally, suggests the cause of the problem IS low system voltage. When the engine is running, the alternator is raising the battery voltage to a high enough voltage to be charging the batteries, which in turn and very conveniently raises the voltage being sent to the fridge too. And that higher voltage makes the fridge behave itself. Conclusions: 1) The cause of the problem is low voltage at the fridge input terminals. 2) Your batteries have too low a state of charge left in them come the morning to work the fridge properly. 3) Your shoreline is not charging the batteries sufficiently to last through the night. Are you turning it OFF at night perhaps? Possibilities: 1) Your batts are totally goosed and cannot hold sufficient charge to keep the fridge running all night. 2) Your batteries are actually ok but are simply not being charged enough, leading to the same effect as in 1). 3) Your shoreline powered charger has recently stopped working, even though the shoreline is still connected. So now, we need to turn our attention to how your batts are being charged. Next steps to take are: 1) Find and identify your charger. What make and model is it? Are there any lights showing on it? 2) Buy or borrow a digital multimeter.
  16. A very perceptive observation. And if I may add my own, there is a pretty big overlap when one draws a Venn diagram of those two types of people. People who do as they like are often irritated by others doing the same, as your second para illustrates!
  17. This was back in the 1980s, so I have no idea what I'd used. Other than whatever chandleries sold at the time for tank blacking.
  18. Lol, you have reminded me of the right wing nut-job's "Schrödinger's immigrant".... "They come over here, they claim all our benefits and take all our jobs, rant rant! "
  19. I ride a Dahon Zero-G. A wonderful and near-perfect towpath bike that literally folds in half for easy insertion into a car or van. The only thing I had to add was mudguards. Sadly long discontinued, but second hand examples occasionally pop up on ebay. I have two of 'em! https://www.thebikelist.co.uk/dahon/zero-g-2006
  20. Excellent idea! But I see a snag. Now lemme think, where could one possibly ever find one of those then, I wonder....
  21. So the truth is, we don't actually know. They might both have been assuming. I'm wondering if it might be a 230Vac fridge being run by a little inverter tucked behind it. There are three easy ways to tell. One is by using a multimeter to measure the voltage on the input terminals, the next way is to find the data label (all electrical appliances have one) and read what it says. The third is to find the manual that probably came with the fridge and see what that tells you about the required power supply. As I said earlier, fault tracing is all about ruling out assumptions by checking, and therefore knowing.
  22. And not only that, but now they are adding in requirements for environmental protection reasons, nothing to do with safety or risk. Best example being the banning of fitting vintage engines.
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. Highly unlikely on the Thames! But I don't actually know. More likely to be £140 per metre per month, I'd suggest.
  25. Given how little you say you know about electrics, how do you know it is a 12v fridge? Or are you assuming? Assumption is the mother of all cock-ups, is my personal maxim in the field of fault tracing.
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