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  1. Here is a comment on your feed, seeing as no-one has left one yet! :hug:

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    2. Mike the Boilerman

      Mike the Boilerman

      Haven't I seen you somewhere before????



    3. Tumshie


      And look we're over here too :P

    4. Tumshie
  2. (m post got truncated)!

    ...dollops of clay, ash and sprayfoam. If you can bear to look, I'll email you some photos.... let me know! I'm still tempted to seek her out this summer. Cpt Jay Price may still be looking for a buyer...

  3. Robysmith,

    Just replying to your message on MY profile about 'Chase'. (Sorry for the delay!)

    No I didn't buy her in the end as was clearly a moneypit needing serious hull work and a total refit inside. I still rather regret not buying her though, she is a lovely boat. I have a load of photos of her, freshly raised and floating again thanks to generous dollo...

  4. Hello Bonniedog, welcome to the forum and I see you've added me as a friend, thanks! Mike

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