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  1. I live on a marina full time and im currently fitting my boat out so I'm not going under any bridges anytime soon, but if I was I would make the wheelhouse collapseable
  2. Hi did you ever get your wheelhouse built Hi how much did it cost to have your wheelhouse built
  3. Go on his YouTube page and you can get the full break down on how it all works.
  4. There you go he's built one with plastic fold down windows 🪟 beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Plato
  5. Yes it is, I just feel the pram hoods are over priced for what they are, they're great for people who use the canals but for me I won't take the boat out. Its more of a floating apartment for me, so happy to have something solid and warmer.
  6. Yes with plastic windows you can have structural posts and the windows fit either side, or fit actual structural posts myself. As for the colour it's not going to be white 😅 I would like to stick to a material with less maintenance thanks for the advice.
  7. Thanks mate 👍 it's water of a ducks back.
  8. Just looking for some information about a wheelhouse.
  9. Hi tracy its more about creating another space it will be another room added to the boat.
  10. Hello, I'm considering building a wheelhouse on my widebeam out of upvc . Has anyone done one similar to this set up and have some pics and info etc Thanks Joe
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