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    Apart from boating? Photography, Cooking, Computers.<br />Music (Baroque, Choral, Opera, Emma Kirkby, Meatloaf)<br />Needlecraft, Reading, Writing, Gardening.

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  1. Thanks Richard, it looks like this is the tool to get the job done. Advice much appreciated. I'd like to say thanks to all who contributed to this thread, which I posted for my brother (who still has a 200 in working order in his spare room, along with a more modern PC and a rather spiffy netbook)! He'll now be able to work with his antique files without so much chuntering and groaning
  2. Thank you all for your replies. I can convert these files into any of the mentioned formats, and do so when I really need to work with one. What I'm really looking for is a way of converting all (amounting to several hundred) documents at once, rather than one at a time, which is cumbersome and time consuming. Does anyone know of a service that I can send a loaded disc (or two) to and get them done for me, perhaps?. I'm happy to pay if it gets the job done. I do also run Open Office, and yes OE will convert them, but again, one at a time. Sorry to be a PITA
  3. I've got a load of lotus doc's I still work with and need to re-format on mass. I'm currently using ms word which will not import lotus. The only thing I can do at the moment is export them of my old system one-at a-time in 95 or what ever. Please can anyone help. Tar very much.
  4. I was walking along a North Wales High Street one busy morning and witnessed a bloke studiously ignoring his large incontinent dog doing the foul deed just about centrally in the pavement. As soon as the dog was ready to move on his owner did too. I always carry a few small bags in my pocket, as we have a boatcat, and need to retrieve her offerings from time to time. I was angry to see this chap's cavallier attitude, so almost without thinking I used one of my baggies to pick up his dog's mess. I caught up with said man, tapped him on the shoulder and said "I think you dropped something", as his hand came out to recieve his "dropped" item, I pressed the bag, dirty side down into it. I didn't hang around to see his reaction.
  5. hit 'em quick and run away
  6. like the signature Phylis. thought you'd go for the softies and pulverise the nuts!
  7. As it's Fridaaaaay I just dropped in to buy everyone a beeeeeeer (or a bag of buns) but the place is deserted!! There's an echo in here...here........here............here................here Where is everyone....one........one............one...............one?
  8. just a thought, did you remember to disable System Restore before running anti-spyware etc? forgive me if I'm teaching granny to suck eggs, but I fell foul of this myself, and that was the problem....tricky little devil was hiding in there.
  9. what's this about a missing retahd? 3 days away at w_rk, and everything happens. sometimes I feel like a mushroom!
  10. edited to reply: Henri Ching thee barre sheen Otis tap err son hook leaned hernia nay boars plaice. Wood yew git mere djinn innit?, she's head, aim knot feline two grate. Watcher thin Khayam he rip lied, yore 4 king serve ant? Bye you're roan ewe Scilly mayor!
  11. Sat herd ache aim atlas. At third hens Sheik aim a cross aye hung night ooh when Ted two walls whither, butt cheese head she'd hidden dense, soap hard-on aye more sheared eclaire (d) butt aim feline a lit Hull horse. Eye won Ted target a lit hulled rink too-wit wan swizzle. Wood ewe bee soak hind?
  12. Sew she Deeside dead two carrion here Joilie weigh too third rye clean hers two call Hector nude rest Hugo too their Sat heard aye nite dense.
  13. OK, how about: LIon, zeBRA and peccaRY to get a LIBRARY WALrus, KINGfisher and STICK insect to get a WALKING STICK Nautilus and hORSE to get a NORSE COCKatoo and springTAIL for a COCKTAIL monKEY and RING-tailed lemur for a KEYRING have we had a BEAR BEe HIND yet? if you cross an archer-fish with a starfish do you get a shooting star? I bet if you cross a hare with a fox you'd get a harebrush.
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