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  1. 18 hours ago, Lady M said:

    I think the government still need to sort out the HMRC rules/guidance on this.  It appears to be more complex than simply saying we can declare our propulsion percentage and pay 5% VAT on domestic use because HVO is already subject to special duty arrangements.



    I heard whispers that it had been sorted out which is why I asked the question. From the lack of confirmation on here I guess not.

  2. 11 hours ago, Hudds Lad said:

    Doesn't the Willeymoor have a big campsite across the bridge from it? Surely they must get trade from there?


    If you have an irrational fear of Toby Jugs and novelty teapots, this is not the pub for you :) 

    The Cotton Arms has a big campsite behind it but seemingly that isn't enough to keep it going. On our last visit no food was available and the bar staff suggested we go over the road.

  3. I hired a boat that had a very tired stern gland. We were alerted to this fact when we got back from a lunchtime pub visit to find the floor at the rear of the boat immersed in water. 


    Our shared boat had a wet bilge. Water ran from the foredeck through the boat in a steel channel and emerged in the engine bilge. One winter the boat was left at a now defunct wharf. I visited to do some work in the bathroom to find the rear carpets under water. The "mechanic" charged with doing winter maintenance hadn't noticed she was sitting low in the water. Mr Nobody had detached the wires from the autofloat. Being a Pat Buckle cheepo build the upstand between the bilge and the back cabin didn't go all the way up to the gunwales and anyway holes had been cut in it for pipework during the fitout. Luckily the winter rainfall wasn't bad enough to take the boat to the bottom.

  4. It's difficult to say. I will admit that I cycled in to a car two weeks ago. I was going uphill, head down in the rain, so quite slow. No harm to the qashqai but ended up with a bruised arm and ribs. 

    Those cyclists in the Vid will have learned a lesson.

  5. It's undoubtedly going to be the small print that puts the onus on the owners to keep the boat in a seaworthy condition. 

    Not saying it is the case here but if you can't be bothered to pull your boat out of the water every two to three years to black the hull it's not surprising that the insurance company might feel reluctant to cough up. 


    Buying your first boat from Facebook Marketplace has got to be a huge gamble.

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  6. 4 hours ago, jam said:

    A little bit of misinformation there. The pub is actually owned by the Stonegate Pub Group who are the largest pub group in the UK with around 4,500 pubs. The current (new) leaseholder is the Nomad Wine Company whose registered office is in Stoke on Trent. They also run a hospitality business and also own No.63 Cafe & Wine Bar alongside the canal in Market Drayton.


    Thanks for the correction. Good that it isn't the Nomad (Torquay) but bad that it's Stonegate 🙄 

  7. Going back to the boat, I can't help wondering what the situation is. The boat and its pontoon set off down stream and smash against the bridge. Fair enough. 


    What happens next? I'm sure RCR didn't just rock up because they were bored.

    If they were called out by the owners of the sunken boat you would have thought they would have asked the owners to sign a piece of paper absolving them from any comeback if they were unfortunate enough to sink it. You might also think  that as they call themselves River and Canal Rescue they must know what they are doing. 


    Has anyone heard anything from the owners yet?

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