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Telford the Dog

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  1. RIP Telford. Thank you for the bouncing, licks and woofs. You were a star

  2. Many happy returns Bones. I like bones!
  3. Not bad for a dog, eh, where's my Bonio point? I blame Mr Up for thinking that Shanks engines were also made by Barrus. Number 19 had me completely baffled, well done LC for being so devious. But I still reckon that someone who brings a CAN of beer to A start LINE has produced a Canaline engine. Wag Wag Woof Woof.
  4. I couldn't find any nuts so I went back to thinking about the quiz, and I think I've got all except 4 of them. Because I'm only a dog I'm not allowed to send messages so I'll have to ask my master to send in my entry.
  5. It's all right, I just stopped to check my nuts ....
  6. Can't us dogs get extra points if we can prove we're Bone of Fido too?
  7. Where did she go? Now I am confused, it seems as if I've got to make the important decisions - like which bit of the garden to pee on - all on my own now! At least I could eat my dinner at my own pace tonight, without anyone else trying to steal it if I paused for a moment. I think I'll miss her.
  8. Well I like them. There aren't enough dogs on here. Maybe we should have our own social networking site too, called something like Woofer perhaps?
  9. Thank you Senor Torque-wrench. Third - that's the best I've ever done in a quiz. Do I get bronze dog-disk to hang on my collar? Mr Up says he'll get Pingu to post next time instead of me. I think he must be jealous of my success!
  10. Pero todos mis mensajes están en el pub, señor, por lo que no cuentan Guau guau
  11. My master, Mr Up, says he's not so stupid as to make the same mistake twice. instead he's asked me to PM the answers for him this time. So here they are, but please don't tell Mister Owl 1. Dipper (boat's water-bowl) and Cheese (essential component of a Ploughman's lunch as eaten by boaters everywhere) 2. Whitsunday (after the lock on the Chesterfield) and Rode (Heath, part-way up the Cheshire locks) 3. Shreck (insurance shorthand for Shipwreck) and cc'er (some members here seem to think they want everything for nothing) 4. Hoard (a Pirate's stock of money) and Current (type of Barclay's account) 5. Quay (sounds like a Key that you turn to secure a door) and Bill (Fen Marina, where boats lie idle) 6. Sara (Severn Area Rescue Association, who would give you a bit of help if you were sinking near Sharpness - oh and by the way it's spelt "Millican") and Ant and Dec (the committee of "I'm a celebrity" and the words written on front and rear tyres which you might be using as fenders) 7. Fridge (every boat should have one) and Come Round (a term used in manoeuvring boats, especially when tacking a sailing boat) 8. Witham (a river that flows out into the Wash) and Winded (an alternative to Wound as the past tense of "to Wind") 9. Sharp (as in card-sharp, but also what the thing you find down the weed hatch may be) and Ledger (where you make a note of the huge cost of keeping a boat, and the actor who played the Joker in the Batman film) 10. Glass (bottles are made of glass, but boaters use the term to refer to the barometer) and Running Aground 11. Soundings (what you take to measure the depth) and Reverse (anagram of "r severe") 12. Brace (the main one has to be spliced) and Dent (the sort of distortion your boat will suffer if you splice too many mainbraces) 13. Chainsaw (what else do you give a fallen tree) and Bloom (what you get on the gloss paintwork if you don't polish it) 14. Harpsichord (yes I know it's not strictly a boating term, but who wouldn't want one on their boat) and Knobstick (what you hit the signwriter with if he makes a speeling mistake) 15. Cock (fighting bird) and Poo (obviously, especially as I'm a dog!) So there are my answers. Oh and by the way, being a dog I can't count so I don't understand the strange numbers at the end of each clue.
  12. Hello Simon and welcome. I hope you enjoy boating as much as I do, well done for choosing some good owners.
  13. Always keen to help, the little black-and-white dog bounces up and down beside the optics rail to encourage the imp by saying "that's the spirit!"
  14. The little bouncy black and white dog leaps up and down with excitement. Happy Boneday to you, from all of us here.
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