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  1. 39 minutes ago, ditchcrawler said:

    Good old Kettle repair

    I can just about remember a tank repair kit which consisted of some washers and screws for just this purpose.  I think they even sold them in halfords-type shops to repair  fuel tanks,  in the  days before the MOT came along and spoiled everything for the DIY mechanic....  

  2. I think CRT were being reasonable in their suggestion to double bag and use the bins, but it seems Biffa et al have got wind of how this doesn't fit with their waste regulations.

    As for most people the composting toilets are just an expensive form of buckit-and-chuckit then the only viable alternative is to use the Elsan points to tip your shit, after removing it from the plastic bags of course and not using much, if any, sawdust.

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  3. A few years ago had a cormorant for company on, I think , the Bridgewater.  It dived in front of us, coming up a few seconds later then paddled ahead of us for a bit and dived again.  This continued for about 15 minutes.


    I presume the boat disturbed the fish and made them flash silver which the cormorant picked up on.  I've often seen the same with herons that seem to watch the water ahead of an approaching boat, and if it doesn't see anything it moves up a couple of hundred yards and watches again.

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  4. I have just had a reply from a fellow Moorer at my mooring west of Nantwich and he tells me that everything is ok at the moment.  I hope it is maintained tomorrow.  It seems that they are having trouble stemming the leak at the Wharton breach.

    3 hours ago, Tracy D'arth said:

    The Middlewich branch is going down fast, there is no water going over the weirs.

    There’s a few locks between Barbridge and Wharton.  I wonder where all the water is going.


    Whilst a sufficient water feed is being supplied at the emergency culvert works at Bridge 80, water is being lost at the breach site due to an issue with the dam in place. We are working with teams across the Shropshire Canal to steady the flow, however ultimately, pumps are needed to extract water from the River Gowy to be able to supply a sufficient feed downstream. Due to high demand in the North West, this will take 2-3 days to install.


  5. According to Gyles Brandreth:

    ”Some style guides now advocate only using capitals throughout for acronyms where the letters are individually pronounced - e.g. they would capitalise all of ‘BBC’ and ‘EU’ but only the first letters in ‘Nato’ or ‘Nasa’. Because it’s what now happens, I accept it, but I do not approve.  I think putting each letter in capitals is a useful reminder that it is part of an acronym.”


    Gyles considers himself a bit of an authority on the English language, and seems to accept that a run of initial letters is an acronym.  As for NATO or Nato,  Apple autocorrect prefers the former also.  What do you prefer?

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  6. You can have an access hole under the rear steps.  Then have a bilge pump for on the end of a piece of wood which you can drop into the hole.  A long enough length of hose to pump out through the rear doors, either over the side or into the engine ‘ole bilge.  Long enough cable with crock clips to reach a battery.


    it does not need to be permanently installed with float switch.

  7. 36 minutes ago, furnessvale said:

    The photo itself showed how small the original breach was and how repair materials could have been brought in a wheelbarrow.

    My first thoughts.  It looks to me as though the capping stones have gone. A  panel, of ply, or something similar,  would have been held by pressure against the piling and stopped most of the flow before the flow washed away more of the bank leading to a more serious breach.  Then a slightly better fix, e.g. Tracy’s sandbag or Tony’s wheelbarrow, while they lowered the level of the pound.


    Would that have stopped a major breach?  As I intimidated at the start of this thread, a lengthsman would have prevented it,  someone in an office scratching their head and wondering who to ask to get the risk assessment done shows the lack of basic understanding we are lumbered with now.

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  8. It seems to me that this will work very well with things like phones, drones and door bells.  However the equipment needed to let this rate of charge work in a car is surely going to be substantial .  The existing fast chargers have to cope with a substantial current,  both in the charger and in the car to be able to accept the charge. It's a fair way off yet.

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  9. 6 minutes ago, Ray T said:

    If you look at the foot of the main it has no conventional boom. The foot brushes the deck and follows its contour. This I believe is so no wind power is lost round the foot. The outhaul is attached to the track and it appears it is not possible for the main to be released further than the width of the boat. 
    Also if you watch the points of sailing there is never a run. It all appears to be close hauled or close reaches.

    All fascinating stuff.

    I’ve done a bit of sailing in the past, but I barely understood a word of that!


     These flying yachts are really amazing to watch.  There is a video somewhere taking on board;  those guys seem to work incredibly hard.

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  10. 49 minutes ago, robtheplod said:

    Footballers are only part time as well. In between salon visits, Caribbean breaks with high maintenance WAGS, visits to car showrooms and teeth whitening sessions.... i often wonder how they manage it all, its quite an achievement, all whilst being paid more than surgeons, judges, prime ministers and various other people of less importance.

    Well, if people didn’t keep throwing money at Murdock, they wouldn’t get paid so much.


    A bit like someone I know who complains about the cost of his Liverpool season ticket.  “Yes, and if you keep paying it they will keep charging it”.

  11. Notice Alert

    Shropshire Union Canal
    Location: Bridge 80, Bennetts Bridge, Shropshire Union Canal
    Starts At: Bridge 79, Moss Hall
    Ends At: Bridge 82, Coole Lane

    Friday 15 January 2021 13:00 until further notice

    Type: Navigation Closure 
    Reason: Structure failure


    Update on 15/01/2021:


    In addition to the stop planks, a cofferdam has been placed on site at Bridge 80, Bennetts Bridge on the Shropshire Union Canal which has allowed our teams to stem the flow of the leak.

    Our contractors will be back onsite tomorrow to continue works and a further update will be provided Monday 18 January.


    Update on 15/01/2021:


    Please be advised, following further inspection it is no longer a breach but a significant leak at Bridge 80, Bennetts Bridge, navigation remains closed between Bridge 79, Moss Hall and Bridge 82, Coole Lane on the Shropshire Union Canal.

    Our engineer is onsite and stop planks are being installed at Bridge 80 to enable our team to apply clay to the affected area.

    A further update will be provided this afternoon



    Looks to me as though the culvert from the spillway has collapsed.  Not a quick fix with a couple of buckets of clay.


    The hole is on the towpath side, opposite the spillway.


  12. Much the same a Nick.  I use BNC connectors to link in the sat finder (quicker than the F-type) and it usually takes me maybe a minute to get a good lock.  Don't often lose the signal with boat movement, and if so it is only a second or two.  I also use Nicholsons to get the direction to aim.  With practice you soon get the knack of setting it up.

  13. I've got a short length of Finrad on the calorifier return (and another on the radiator return) in the bottom of a full height cupboard.  Used for airing/ drying coats and clothes.  I've got valves that can let me select rads/cal/both and still works well if only the calorifer is being heated.


    You can find old-fashioned heater matrixes (I'm thinking A35) that don't have any restrictions to the flow which would work in a similar way.  Wouldn't want anything in the calorifier circuit that affected the flow.

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