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  1. 22 grand to buy and probably way more to get it up to looking good.
  2. I am 95% sure i have found Tryphina....it has been renamed. i wish i had 22 grand to buy it. but i'd rather hold on to the memories i had on the boat https://www.abcboatsales.com/boat-sales/ariel/?fbclid=IwAR2vyul3XnCSIUbqFQiyplDnhxyw4y4DN-jI2rkwtgibOrs1JrOXbNPrzFA
  3. @Heartland i love that photo thank you so much in sharing this :) it made my day!
  4. i can imagine! he did love the canal. i can not believe how tanned he used to get from just being on his boat. I really would love to get a boat one day. I miss being on boats
  5. He had one named after my cousin. I can't remember what it was called. i will ring my mom later and ask her. Think one had my middle name in it. Isabella haha my grandad did give zero sh!ts I really do bet ya neighbours loved that. I loved that when he was doing the redditch - lichfield route he would let me sit in the front with him. i loved it. it was so cool. back before the days of health and safety etc. Thank you thats amazing!
  6. Hiya everyone. I dont know how i came across this forum but i am very happy i did If anyone has any photos of Railway Alan that they have and could share and stories me and my family would love that. We lost him just after christmas 2019. Please feel free to get intouch Thanks for reading Nicola (his oldest grandaughter)
  7. Awww That was my grandad. We lost him over a year ago (pre covid) I loved seeing a photo of his boat. Thank you for sharing! He loved being on the Canal and his boat. I was sad when he sold it without telling us. Oh well. I hope one day to get a boat of my own. I miss thoses saturdays on the boat with him and my uncle and the dogs. good times. If anyone has any stories or photos lying around that would be amazing
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