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  1. ^^^ Thank you BEngo and billh for the suggestions, and Dave Mack for the positive comment. I will see if I can make contact with BRNC Sandquay, they still operate a fleet of GRP Motor Whalers but I don’t think they truly qualify as 3-in-1 these days. They have been fitted with Yanmar engines too... There used to be a similar maintenance setup at Jupiter Point on the Lynher in Cornwall with fleets of Cutters, Whalers, dinghies and even yachts for training. All gone now in favour of the ubiquitous RIB. Working on my old relic again; I’ve been drawing out the
  2. Hi and thanks N for this GA. My Cutter had long lost its cuddy and portable cabin top by the time she was ‘rescued’. Previous owners had built a crude cabin cruiser conversion on top of the original covering board and now this has been stripped away the signs of where the cuddy fitted can be seen but all the mounting hardware for the cabin top has been torn off and only the remains of the fastenings show where they once were. I have no service history although there has been some research done - and is ongoing - by a knowledgeable acquaintance. She’s odd in that she was
  3. Thanks N. I have sourced some push buttons for heaters and starter of a similar style to the originals having failed to find a match for the part numbers. Despite hunting for over a year I’ve failed to find a CAV D45 dynamo of the correct type so am installing a Lucas C45 enclosed model with a separate cut-out and regulator that I’ll fit to the back of the dashboard. If I eventually find the ‘correct’ dynamo in the future i’ll change it out. I do have another engine of the same type but partially dismantled and may build it up and get it running too. I’ve go
  4. Thank you everyone for the helpful comments and also BEngo for the scans from the manual. I have some photocopies of a manual and parts list but they are not as clear as these, so many thanks! The GA of the 25ft Motor Cutter installation would be very useful too, please, as It is a 25ft Cutter that I’m restoring- it’s one of the last ones left and being built in 1944 had a 2DSM fitted when originally built. The post-war Cutters had the air cooled Enfield HO2 - I’ve got one of these engines as well, but it’s the version from the 3-in-1 Whaler as it hasn’t got a reduction gear. My
  5. Redwing228

    Dorman 2DSM

    Hi, I’m new to the forum but have been a boater for many years. I’m currently restoring a Dorman-Ricardo 2DSM for installation in an ex. Admiralty 25ft Motor Cutter, a boat for which the makers originally supplied the engine. I obtained a pair of these engines together but it has been many years since they were removed from the boats they powered and a lot of parts have been lost including the ‘dashboard’/instrument panels, and it is this that I’m currently working on. The question I’d like to ask is there anyone on this forum who owns or knows of an engine of this typ
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