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  1. So, your thoughts on NBs not being particularly eco-friendly has got me thinking. (I am so late to respond because err life!! :P) Now, I am perfectly willing to concede that NB diesel engines are not ideal (and neither are loads of windmill farms - just ask the birds and bats!). But as they say: “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good” (and let’s hope that hybrid and electric engines or whatever’s more eco-friendly becomes more and more common!). So I think you’re probably forgetting a few things when estimating the environmental impact of NBs. Aside from having lifest
  2. Apparently 6mm was a mistake, it's 8mm! They've just emailed us the survey from 2019 And yeah, a slightly scruffier boat - for sure it's natural that a lot of people get a certain degree of their self-esteem and happiness based on how their home looks! Perhaps, though, we are a bit lucky in that we've lived abroad and learned to appreciate the inside more than the out! No one could object to a gleaming fresh pro paintjob on a NB, but so long as we're cosy (and dry...) It's just that we've looked at so many boats and seeing one that has what could be a proper little office good to go
  3. I think it's fair to say that your experience is not the standard experience? Most people don't own their houses outright, and indeed many increasingly move onto the canals to escape the rent trap. Many NBs cost the deposit of a house - even if moorings are higher than council tax, over decades, I doubt it would total the difference between deposit and cost of the house (let's say £200k). And repairs and all that for NBs can quickly get into the thousands, but that's no different than owning a home. But I would argue that serious housing problems can be even worse. Roofing, founda
  4. Wow, so many amazing replies, thank you so much everyone!! Recording everything into our Google Docs, thanks again!! Is it alright if I post here for comments a couple of NBs we are seriously considering? We feel it's come down to these two: Amelia https://www.google.com/url?q=https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/walsall-boats-60-traditional-for-sale/618589&sa=D&source=editors&ust=1613508375406000&usg=AOvVaw0epDWf2tk7F9IKYa9SqWVl Pros: think it looks quite nice inside and out, and love the dinette, but it does need some work. Most notably
  5. aww shucks, thanks!! 😊 I am so looking forward to all the walking and cycling and systematically exploring all paths available near the canals! I'm of the firm belief that there's no bad weather, only bad gear, and I feel sorry for those who don't feel the same! After years of cycling I couldn't understand how most people complained of the weather, when their biggest experience with it is walking from the front door to the car, or the car into the supermarket... 🤷‍♀️
  6. That doesn't sound too bad, actually! My experience with regular maintenance (I am a bit embarrassed to admit), aside from tech stuff, is with merely with bicycles...but y'know, when you have a 20+ mile (rainy) commute, you are forever having to check this, grease that, pump up tires etc. It feels good actually to have that routine, and do something with your hands. And since we'd like to CC, I imagine there will be a lot of regular maintenance to do and things to check on a boat!! Thanks again!! If you don't mind me asking, was there anything that surprised you in your first year
  7. Well, we've got the warm dressing gown good to go 😄 No but seriously, thanks for sharing which generator you use, and things like the spare fresh water pump - so good to know! When you search online for what you need, it mostly just says "just downsize as much as possible, then downsize again" .....well going to the UK from living abroad, we had to get everything into a few bags anyway, so what next?? 😀 And £40k in a year! I imagine you must've done some serious upgrades to your boat? I do wish more people would remember to budget for big ticket repairs / upgrades (painting, rep
  8. Brilliant, thanks so much! This is exactly what we are looking for! We're looking forward to learning how to be handier, but for anything a bit complicated I think at first we'd hire some experts. So, we definitely are interested in knowing what's needed for basic maintenance. Speaking of, off the top of your head, would you have any list of maintenance tasks that you've found to be necessary daily / weekly / monthly / seasonally / yearly, that sort of thing? One of us is dearly fond of lists and schedules Thanks again!
  9. Hello, google and the search function here don't seem to turn up anything specific for this topic, so apologies if this has been asked! Aside from typical household stuff (tableware, bedding etc), is there anything special that you would take with you when moving onto a NB? For example, a particular set of tools? Many thanks!
  10. This will really help narrow down our questions, thanks so much!! So a bit of background info for what we're looking for: Basically, we're in a similar situation as the lovely Chugging Along couple. One of us will work full-time remotely (with lots of random virtual meetings), the other probably just part-time (and we really want to make sure we're not giving the other background noise). We were surprised at how easily they've managed two work spaces on their 51' boat, and it's clearly because they've got enough space at the end of their bed for a tiny table (and two in
  11. This is brilliant, thanks so much!! Ben's lighting was quite a concern of ours as it happens, so much appeared from the video to come from the side hatch and a glass door. That said, we actually dug the old timey feel of it, the paneling and lamps etc And ugh, too many brokers/sellers do seem to be a bit slow updating about the sold/under offer status of boats. I mean this market does move quickly but still! Thanks again!!
  12. It must be hard to tell from photos, but do you think Laura James' extra space is more flexible than Amelia's?? Laura James: https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/narrow-boats-traditional-for-sale/654156 Amelia: https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/walsall-boats-60-traditional-for-sale/618589 The extra cabin for Amelia is near the stern, which just appeals to me a bit more...so eg if one of us is working in that office, we're not tramping through it unnecessarily. Oh neither of us are very good at diy I'm afraid unless it's for computers and
  13. Absolutely, and it's one of the first things we tried figuring out...initially we thought we'd only be able to do 70', then got into the whole "but sub 57' means we can go anywhere" and then "but actually there's very few canals not accessible by 57'+ boats" etc etc. A very odd and at times incredibly vexing thing we've noticed is how space is used. We've seen 50' boats with a better use of space than 57' boats, and shudder whenever we see an engine room! Easy access to the engine for someone who just holidays occasionally on a narrowboat must be nice, but for a couple living on it
  14. For sure this is not an ideal situation! Here is one of the boats we're interested in: https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/walsall-boats-60-traditional-for-sale/618589 We have a video for it as well, and of course it does seem nice. However, we really don't need two beds (though we do need two tables/desks for work). We were wondering about the costs of removing one of the beds so that we could have an office instead...the under-bed storage is basically built-in furniture so we are hoping it's y'know not connected to anything important so maybe it's something a ca
  15. Wonderful that is so good to know, thank you so much! Oh we are certainly not interested in renting, even if it weren't difficult to arrange buying a narrowboat even if just for a year or two seems to make a lot more fiscal sense. Thanks for that tart tip! Warm dry and cosy that is exactly what we want! We would like to be liveaboards for the foreseeable future, and even CC Thanks for the reply!
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