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  3. Hi Jim I know exactly how you feel... Your sister is very lucky to have a brother like you. It's hard to get over the disappointment of not fulfilling your dreams but it doesn't stop you dreaming, if only you could just switch your dreams off & be content. You sound like your be looking for an adventure like me. Good luck with your search. Gertie
  4. Hi Jim so sorry to hear that you couldn't start your adventure, think your enthusiasm is commendable so never give up on having dreams & adventures. Do you still have your boat ? Jim the world has enough baskets already. Where there are Adventures there is hope. Gertie
  5. Your friend sounds interesting. Hopefully we will find out about how the adventure went ? Hope your coping with lockdown ok ?
  6. Would be interested in knowing what happened & why are you called Mad Harold ??
  7. Hi just wondered if you managed to find crew & start your adventure. I am looking to do an adventure & wanted to know how you got on. I have some experience of living on a narrowboat. look forward to hearing from you Gertie
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