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    Narrowboats, trials motorbikes, photography, going on holiday, make up, dresses, mini skirts, heels and eating out - not all in that order!

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  1. jimxtc

    Are you new to boating?? CLICK HERE

    Hello Alan, I am also in the SE and thinking of buying a marrowboat, happy to consider part ownership, please get in touch - I am a complete novice other than a holiday or two which gave me the bug. Sharing costs must be the way to go. My e-mail is rhoda1@sky.com please e-mail as I may not find your post on here! Cheers, Jim
  2. Summer is almost upon us and I don't have a boat or a skipper!  Not looking to buy until the end of the season now but interested in a week or two hire in 2/3 week in September if anyone has any ideas?P1030635a.jpg.75b915d14970df6d485102b3808bb2be.jpg

  3. jimxtc

    Boat Lease / Hire?

  4. jimxtc

    Boat Lease / Hire?

    Thanks Rusty, a picture paints a thousand words - now I get it! Haha, I do remember Timothy West telling his wife that boating was a contact sport!
  5. jimxtc

    Boat Lease / Hire?

    Sorry I am getting a bit confused as to who said what here so forgive me if I attribute a comment to the wrong person! Thank you all for your advice, it really has been helpful. I would still like to know the difference between a trad, semi-trad and cruiser stern though! Maybe it is such a fundamental question that people thought I was joking about not knowing the difference!
  6. jimxtc

    Boat Lease / Hire?

    Hello Blind Novice, well that could sound like a plan! We would have to meet up and be sure we got on of course and it might be nice if I had a boat too....! Covering the cost of the RYA course would be not a problem as it would be in my interest. Lots to consider and work out but than you for the offer, it may come about, I shall store it away with all the other info I have gleaned! I am trying to answer each individual response here but getting lost! Thanks to Peter X for his offer and advice. I know so many blind jokes I would block the forum!
  7. jimxtc

    Boat Lease / Hire?

    Cheshire-Rose, thank you so much for your very thoughtful reply. Indeed I would love to crew for someone for a short length of time to 'learn on the job' as it where. I lived in a mobile home for 7 years about 40 years ago so I know about living in confined spaces, I took my aunt and sister & husband on a cruiser from Ely the Sept before last (all the naorrowbaots were hired), we went up the Ouse and Little Ouse for a long weekend, I loved it and did most of the 'crewing' as my brother in law was steering - his first time ever! I am more capable than you may think, I ride a trials bike in competition off-road still - I am rubbish but I enjoy it! I have ridden in Spain and Belgium. I won my own house and live alone and look after myself, I own a sports car for my friends to drive me in. I travel alone and don't ask for assistance, I worked in central London before I retired, I have fostered 50 children - that was a challenge and a half! As I am sure you have probably worked out by now, I am a cross-dresser or t-girl as I prefer to call it. I do my own makeup and choose my own clothes. I get dressed maybe once a fortnight to go out. Heels on a boat are not a good idea I guess! I never dress in front of anyone who would be offended by it. My avatar is me, I am straight but not interested in a relationship with anyone. I heard yesterday that my trials riding partner has lung cancer - it simply reinforces to me that now is the time to do things. As I said, I would happily crew and contribute towards costs. I could 'hitchhike' up the waterways! When not on a boat I could stay at an Inn or hotel or come home. Now is the better time to buy a boat I am told, spring is when people are looking to start, now is not the right time for me to buy as I don't know enough so I may leave the purchase until next winter or I may even have changed my mind by then - but I doubt it. I would have a boat professionally looked at before I bought it but I could select my own boat. Being on the network would give me access to boatyards and marinas that otherwise are difficult to find and for me to get to on the road. Thanks again for you response, it was kind and thoughtful.
  8. jimxtc

    Boat Lease / Hire?

    Hi Tumshie, no I haven't looked at those sections on the forum, I struggled to find this one! Not a fault of the website or forum you understand. I will take a look thank you for the pointer.
  9. jimxtc

    Boat Lease / Hire?

    Hi Graham, no you didn't cause offence at all, I am too old to be offended! It is good information and solves a dilemma I was contemplating when I find a driver who want to tour the UK in a camper van - after I have done the narrowboat of course!
  10. jimxtc

    Boat Lease / Hire?

    Hi Peter, if I buy a boat I may just have to call it Tunderbird One! I am pretty sure I am not the only one who wants to spend the summer on a boat, maybe this forum is not the right place to find such a person but I am a novice in all things at present.
  11. jimxtc

    Boat Lease / Hire?

    Sorry Graham, I get a bit confused as to who has written what! Interesting what you say about the 12V air pumps, I will ask at the hospital, thank you. When I was talking about a skipper for a week or two I was thinking more of my friends who can not spare any more time than that but hopefully I have enough friends to cover the whole period! My disability doesn't stop me doing anything I just have to think laterally how to achieve my goals. I am capable of crewing and operating locks but not steering.
  12. jimxtc

    Boat Lease / Hire?

    Thanks Cheshire-Rose, great tip on the washing machine, that could well be an option. There is a skipper out there somewhere I am sure, it would be nice to find a lady skipper but don't get me wrong - I am not into women or men - after 4 wives I am happily single! Also, I have to sleep in a mask similar to a WW2 pilots mask which is not exactly sexy in bed!! Thanks for the suggestion Haggis, I intend to do at least one narrowboat hotel with my aunt later this year but want the freedom to go where I choose. All things are possible - I make them so! Someone did suggest a camera at the front of the boat with a screen at the rear, someone else suggested a boat steered from the front - I am open to all suggestions as there will be a solution somewhere.
  13. jimxtc

    Boat Lease / Hire?

    Thanks Cheshire-Rose, a 12v air pump is not an option, it is a piece of medical equipment that is calibrated to my sleep apnoea level. Indeed, a washing machine is unlikely on a hire boat which is why I don't think a hire boat is probably an option but I could be flexible on that. I will find a skipper eventually or maybe more than one for a week or two at a time - I keep looking! Much as I would love to pilot the boat myself, being registered blind I don't think other boat owners would be too happy to meet me coming the other way! Where there is a will there is a way and I will succeed in my quest!
  14. jimxtc

    Boat Lease / Hire?

    Thanks Ray, I shall take a look. Thanks Cheshire-Rose, I only dismiss hire boats because they are fitted out for one or two week hires generally, I am hoping to find one with a washing machine and an inverter (I have sleep apnoea and need a 240V power supply all night for my air pump). I also have to find a skipper too of course but hope that will come once I have the boat!
  15. jimxtc

    Boat Lease / Hire?

    Thank you for that Sally, I guess any solution to my aim of getting on the water for the summer is worth considering, I am open to all suggestions!

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