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  1. I am currently on the Stratford canal on a 54’ boat with rear steering, I have tuned the boat in a winding hole, entered a lock on my own and operated all the Hatton flight of locks, I have proved to myself that I can handle a boat and most things single handed I believe apart from seeing the front of the boat from the back! A smaller boat (maybe 30’) with centre steering just passed us, may be a Sea Otter? I think I could handle one of those. I mean, you travel at walking pace - what could possibly go wrong?!
  2. Thank you all fro your responses. It would seem that what I was thinking about has already been done which is reassuring. I think I will post a wanted ad for such about and see what comes out of the woodwork!
  3. Thank you Richard, you input has been very helpful. I am sorry but I am struggling to cope with this forum with just speak output from my iPad so will wait until I get home and on my PC. I am on a hire boat on the Oxford canal next week with friends.
  4. Is that something you feel you need?
  5. Thank you Alan that is very interesting. I am sorry that my postings are coming out in the wrong place, I also need iPad training! I am used to working on a PC and this screen is very small.
  6. Thank you Richard, that is va very good point, I am so used to getting off at the back!
  7. Yes for the last 42 years.
  8. I had thought of remote control as I would need to move to the rear of the boat to Denise bark for mooring and would like to retain control as I did so.
  9. I have been looking to find a skipper for my own boat or someone with a bout looking for crew without success for quite a while. I have decided that the only way Iam going to get on the canal network is to do it all my self. I would like to hear from boatyards, aircraft engineers, universities/engineering students who would be interested in converting my narrowboat to remote control operation so that I can control it from the bow where I can see where I am going! I know this is possible to do, if it can be done on a Jumbo jet then it can be done on a narrowboat! I have limited vision which stops me from skippering from the rear of the boat so another solution has to be found. I really don’t want to hear from the nay-sayers about how it is too difficult or I shouldn’t do it thank you. Please e-mail me with any ideas or suggestions you have with regard to remote control. My e-mail is rhoda1@sky.com
  10. jimxtc

    Best place to find someone up for an adventure?

    Thank you Roland, like your friend I am also registered blind and have always worked despite the difficulties and obstacles presented by others.
  11. jimxtc

    Best place to find someone up for an adventure?

    Thank you for your words of encouragement Furness, if I were they type to lay down at the first hurdle I would not have been in full time employment all my life and now in the position to retire early and afford my own boat. You have listed many great examples to follow but I don't want to set he world alight - just to follow my dreams and enjoy the retirement I have earned. I will achieve my goals by hook or by crook as I have done all my life. I have an eye condition called Macular Degeneration which is the most common condition in the world and affects one in thirty people in the UK over the age of 50, unfortunately for me mine started at 19. It is a nuisance but no more than that, I have no central vision and my most accurate vision is the same as yours out of the corner of your eye. It does restrict me from some things (driving a car for instance) but I refuse to let it rule my life and hold me back. We only get one life and it would be very easy to sit in a corner and say 'I can't do' but I am made of sterner stuff! I have considered a number of options using a variety of visual aids to skipper my own boat but they are not practical and would not be sensibly safe so I have to settle for being crew in the same way as I have to settle for being passenger in my own sports car. I am a competent mechanic (trained by Suzuki), chef, launderer, bottle washer and rope coiler even if I may not be able to handle multi-boat large locks, I can still do the smaller ones or be an effective crew member on my own boat if not on someone else's.
  12. jimxtc

    Best place to find someone up for an adventure?

    Thank you for your advice and concern, I am sure you come across many inexperienced and probably incompetent boaters in your travels. Thank you, I am undeterred and will fulfil my dreams - where there is a will there is away!

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