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    Narrowboats, trials motorbikes, photography, going on holiday, make up, dresses, mini skirts, heels and eating out - not all in that order!

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  1. jimxtc

    Hull differendes?

    As soon as I get to the boat again (haven't been there since I bought her!) to winterize her I will take some photos.
  2. jimxtc

    Hull differendes?

    Thank you all so much for your valuable input. After all that, I bought a 2017 25' Aintree Beetle moored at Pyrford Marina! Now I just need to find a waterways map I can download to my iPad, having trouble finding a Nicholson's but there must be something I can download that shows me the whole network!
  3. jimxtc

    Hull differendes?

    Thank you for that Alan! I will arrange to view her and also visit Whilton Marina next week.
  4. jimxtc

    Hull differendes?

    Thank you Harold. I have just spoken to Whilton Marina who have a few boats around the length I am interested in from £15k-£26k, I will take a trip up there next week. Yes I am the visually impaired prospective boater, hence the short length boat!
  5. jimxtc

    Hull differendes?

    I agree Alan, it is worth a look and in retrospect, as the mooring fee is only £1,300 a year it may be worth hanging on to it. I will sell the boat in a couple of years time anyway (probably) and the mooring may add value to the boat. If I got half of the purchase price back in 2 years time that would be acceptable. I know boating is not cheap! I can only go by what the vendor tells me Mike!
  6. jimxtc

    Hull differendes?

    Luckily for me the boat owner also lives in Sussex and the first opportunity he has to show prospective buyers is the end of the month, I may be cheeky and see if I can get a lift with him from here when he goes down! Thanks Phil, I will give the Marina a call and see what they have for sale that may suit.
  7. jimxtc

    Hull differendes?

    Thank you again for your input. I will look up Whitton Marina and see about taking a trip there once I have contacted them. Brighton is way off the network so I fully appreciate that it will almost certainly be the Midlands where I will find the greater number of boats for sale. I think the price may indeed reflect the value of the mooring unfortunately - I don't want the mooring as it is difficult for me to get to and I intend to have a continuous licence and keep on the move for now at least. The owner did say that some boaters will actually buy a boat they don't want just to obtain one of those moorings. If I do take a mooring it would probably be on the Basingstoke. closer to Bath or somewhere near Ely as all are accessible to me by train.
  8. jimxtc

    Hull differendes?

    Thank you for your advice, I am a little reassured now. I also think the price is a little high but as so much has ben done recently it is a place to start negotiations. I was offered a 30yo ex-hire boat for the same price yesterday. I am not sure where to go to find boats to be honest, I have looked at Apollo Duck and found one that had potential but didn't receive a reply to my enquiry. A boatyard or marina with a few for sale would be good as I am on public transport. One thing I am not is a dreamer I have the budget to buy a boat but want to find the right one, I don't have time to waste of my own!
  9. jimxtc

    Hull differendes?

    The spec and the length suit me well, not particularly but off by the age unless I should be? No really a fan of buying a boat on eBay, I was just looking to see what kind of boats were available when this one caught my eye, it is only half the amount I had budgeted for which is good. Why a V hull though, any ideas?
  10. jimxtc

    Hull differendes?

    I am not entirely sure to be honest, it is on Evilbay, maybe you could advise me? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Handsome-Narrow-Boat-Live-Aboard-34ft-with-optional-mooring/192663277844
  11. jimxtc

    Hull differendes?

    I am currently looking at a 34' narrowboat that has a V hull. I was unaware that this was an option and assumed all narrowboats were flat bottomed. The construction is 6-5-4, again, I thought that most boats were 10-6-4 but I really know nothing about boats! Can anyone advice me the difference / advantage / disadvantage of a V hull and the thickness construction?
  12. I do see your point Alan but think it only fair to inform people like the guy who would not share a lock with me, at least he would know. How about I strap my white cane to the front of the boat? Only joking!
  13. Thank you for your support Phil. I don't let MD rule my life, I have had it for two thirds of my life and have to find solutions to many problems, you just have to think laterally sometimes! I completed the Birmingham mini ring from Warwick, I did 63 miles and 91 locks without incident. I don't profess to be any kind of expert and I know there is a lot to learn but I an sure I can do it - what could possibly go wrong??!! Haha I was actually thinking that I would have a sign made up to go on the roof at the front saying something like 'caution visually impaired skipper' and hope it doesn't scare anyone!
  14. I am currently on the Stratford canal on a 54’ boat with rear steering, I have tuned the boat in a winding hole, entered a lock on my own and operated all the Hatton flight of locks, I have proved to myself that I can handle a boat and most things single handed I believe apart from seeing the front of the boat from the back! A smaller boat (maybe 30’) with centre steering just passed us, may be a Sea Otter? I think I could handle one of those. I mean, you travel at walking pace - what could possibly go wrong?!
  15. Thank you all fro your responses. It would seem that what I was thinking about has already been done which is reassuring. I think I will post a wanted ad for such about and see what comes out of the woodwork!

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