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  1. Thank you for your advice but as I had already posted my insurance company had no problem with it. I had no offers for this or the travel companion I have been looking for the last 2 years on this site but it has come to fruition via another website. Time to close this account I think. Happy cruising.
  2. Clearly it was a bad idea. I have spoken to my insurance company who don't have a problem with it but I have to say that every post I have ever put up on this site has been met with people finding obstacles and nay-sayers. Not to worry I have found someone able to think out of the box and with optimism rather than pessimism. See you on the water!
  3. I have a 2 year old 25' Aintree Beetle that seats 8 and sleeps 4. It is moored in a marina on the Wey and Arun Navigation. If you have a desire to explore this area by boat and have a boat in the Midlands maybe, it would take you a couple of weeks to get down here! I am looking to do a boat swap with someone who has a bot in a populated area for a week or a fortnight. Read on for more details. There is a photographer called Duncan Raban who has created a 'kindness movement' on Facebook and has a page titled 'Just Say Hello' if you have Facebook check it out https://www.facebook.com/justsayhellotoday/ I seem to have become popular on this page and there is an impetus to move it forward. Duncan and I would like to take a narrowboat trip somewhere urban and populated to just say 'hello' to people. We have trained and experienced skippers at our disposal and as this campaign or movement is not generating any money it has been funded solely by Duncan since he was moved to start it. This is why I am offering a holiday boat swap if anyone may be interested. I am sure there are fine details to be worked out but it is not you or I renting out our boats but more lending it to a friend you don't know yet which I am sure does not invalidate our insurance or mooring rights. Maybe this is a silly idea that won't work out but it seems a waste of money for me to hire a boat when I have a perfectly good one sitting in the wrong part of England!
  4. As soon as I get to the boat again (haven't been there since I bought her!) to winterize her I will take some photos.
  5. Thank you all so much for your valuable input. After all that, I bought a 2017 25' Aintree Beetle moored at Pyrford Marina! Now I just need to find a waterways map I can download to my iPad, having trouble finding a Nicholson's but there must be something I can download that shows me the whole network!
  6. Thank you for that Alan! I will arrange to view her and also visit Whilton Marina next week.
  7. Thank you Harold. I have just spoken to Whilton Marina who have a few boats around the length I am interested in from £15k-£26k, I will take a trip up there next week. Yes I am the visually impaired prospective boater, hence the short length boat!
  8. I agree Alan, it is worth a look and in retrospect, as the mooring fee is only £1,300 a year it may be worth hanging on to it. I will sell the boat in a couple of years time anyway (probably) and the mooring may add value to the boat. If I got half of the purchase price back in 2 years time that would be acceptable. I know boating is not cheap! I can only go by what the vendor tells me Mike!
  9. Luckily for me the boat owner also lives in Sussex and the first opportunity he has to show prospective buyers is the end of the month, I may be cheeky and see if I can get a lift with him from here when he goes down! Thanks Phil, I will give the Marina a call and see what they have for sale that may suit.
  10. Thank you again for your input. I will look up Whitton Marina and see about taking a trip there once I have contacted them. Brighton is way off the network so I fully appreciate that it will almost certainly be the Midlands where I will find the greater number of boats for sale. I think the price may indeed reflect the value of the mooring unfortunately - I don't want the mooring as it is difficult for me to get to and I intend to have a continuous licence and keep on the move for now at least. The owner did say that some boaters will actually buy a boat they don't want just to obtain one of those moorings. If I do take a mooring it would probably be on the Basingstoke. closer to Bath or somewhere near Ely as all are accessible to me by train.
  11. Thank you for your advice, I am a little reassured now. I also think the price is a little high but as so much has ben done recently it is a place to start negotiations. I was offered a 30yo ex-hire boat for the same price yesterday. I am not sure where to go to find boats to be honest, I have looked at Apollo Duck and found one that had potential but didn't receive a reply to my enquiry. A boatyard or marina with a few for sale would be good as I am on public transport. One thing I am not is a dreamer I have the budget to buy a boat but want to find the right one, I don't have time to waste of my own!
  12. The spec and the length suit me well, not particularly but off by the age unless I should be? No really a fan of buying a boat on eBay, I was just looking to see what kind of boats were available when this one caught my eye, it is only half the amount I had budgeted for which is good. Why a V hull though, any ideas?
  13. I am not entirely sure to be honest, it is on Evilbay, maybe you could advise me? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Handsome-Narrow-Boat-Live-Aboard-34ft-with-optional-mooring/192663277844
  14. I am currently looking at a 34' narrowboat that has a V hull. I was unaware that this was an option and assumed all narrowboats were flat bottomed. The construction is 6-5-4, again, I thought that most boats were 10-6-4 but I really know nothing about boats! Can anyone advice me the difference / advantage / disadvantage of a V hull and the thickness construction?
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