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  1. Thanks again!, Would this stove work in a campervan?, i assumed it would be fine handling motion seeing as it is designed for boats but do these stoves need to be perfectly level to work or is there some allowance?.
  2. would seem about 30-45 mins. i raised up the toby valve by about 2" higher as it seemed too low for gravity to push the fuel up the soot scraper to the burner pot. would this be effecting it?, i thought the fuel supply would be cut anyway but the main control knob.
  3. Burner pot and scrapper are really clean
  4. Okay so i've made some progress! been a nightmare this to be honest but feel like i'm getting somewhere now. Many thanks for all your replies, the info from 'Ex Brummie' on the flow rates was very usefull!. i've got it to drip at 4cc per min on low setting and about 13cc per min on high. it lights well, is yellow at first but once proper temperature is reached it now remains a mainly blue steady flame. i've been fiddling with that toby for days, finally feel like i understand how it all works now. However, it's still taking a long time to turn off and i really can't figure out why. it doesnt s
  5. just Been back to check on it, switched it off 1 1/2 hours ago and it's still going! seem to have a stove that defies logic. There is no fuel getting to the pot, i've switched off the toby valve and switched off the valve that i put in the fuel line just before the scraper pot, also turned off the valve on the fuel tank but yet she still burns. there isnt even a pool of fuel at the bottom of the chamber, it looks dry. What??
  6. okay so i've completely stripped down the toby valve giving everything a thorough clean, fuel tank full and fuel reaching the toby valve. fill switch clicked and toby valve reservoir fills with fuel, float comes up and un-clicks the 'switch', fuel is reaching the burn pot but very slowly. I light it with a couple caps of meths to get it warm and turn the regulator main valve to first position. The pre-heating with meths seems to help the fuel flow. After a while i get steady yellow flame with flames being sucked through all the holes of the burn chamber creating one flame in centre. seems like
  7. thanks for the replies everyone, i'm still having a lot of trouble with all this now and it's driving me nuts!. i am new to these stoves and never seen what they should actually be like. at present hardly any fuel is entering the chamber, just getting a small dirty flame near the soot scrapper. i've cleaned EVERYTHING. something must be off with the regulator but i haven't a clue what
  8. Hello everyone, new to the site. I have recently bought a Kabola OD4 diesel drip feed heater but i am constantly getting a yellow flame. I have thoroughly cleaned it out including the flue. i've even had the regulator open and cleaned all parts but still yellow flame... i am now thinking that the catalyst may need changing but how do you know when these actually need replacing? it's all nice and clean though it is permanently red-ish. it seems like such a simple piece that i can't figure out how a new one could possibly be any better. Any advice would be much appreciated! thanks
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