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  1. Worked a dream. Thanks again!
  2. Thank you Alan yes I will pm you. This would be helpful!
  3. by the standard, diy. We are refitting her. That’s really useful thank you. We will make sure these are used. Really glad I checked.
  4. Hi, We have just taken a plug socket off the wall (electricity off) and found it in this interesting state. Does anyone know what causes this? Could this be a future problem? To us it looks like a fire hazard so it will be coming out. No idea how old this socket is as it would have been installed before our time - potentially over six years. Thanks! Gemma pics attached
  5. I'm not sure on the ply. It is sturdy but the fabric was glued down so would definitely need some work! You advice is really helpful. Thanks so much! This sounds so lovely. I really appreciate knowing how you would recommend painting if you did it again. This will help massively! I think we will be going white too as we are also liveaboard. Totally agree on the wipeable aspect!
  6. I think you're right! We did think it was something like what they have on yachts. Thank you so much! Brilliant! It's really useful to know that you managed to paint though. Thats really helpful thank you.
  7. We are in the middle of renovating our narrowboat (aren't we all..) and have come to the point where we need to rip off the material that is above the gunnels. Firstly, I'm not sure what the material that is on there currently is called. It is glued on and thicker than wallpaper, easy to clean (wipeable) but peeling at the sides and a grotty colour. Other than it being grotty/peeling in multiple places it is inoffensive but haven't been able to find anything like it anywhere. Any ideas what it would be called? Picture attached of this. We have put wood in under the gunnels and are wonder
  8. We are actually in a dock so under cover, would that make a difference to your answer? We have a number of coats to do on the actual panel so don't have the time to wait for the outer paint to harden more than a day. That's why I thought that we would be four days until we could definitely take the tape off (if we left it on). We would have one day of drying on the outer and then a layer a day for the gloss panels. Or is it all because of the tape that has been stuck to the paint for a while is a risk? Thanks Gemma
  9. Hi, We have painted the outside of the panels on our sides and are yet to paint the actual panels. We have heard that we need to remove the tape whilst the paint is still wet - but won't have painted the inside of the panels until later this week. When do you recommend taking the masking tape off? Do we remove the masking tape straight after painting the final coat of the outside of the panels, then re-mask when we come to paint the inside of the panels? Do we just leave the masking tape on, even though it'll be another 4 days until we finish painting the inside of these pane
  10. Oh crikey! Didn’t realise it was so old - should have checked 😂 thanks! I’ll get my string out then.
  11. How long did it take you to sand your primer/undercoat. We are almost at the sand it back stage after painting these on a 70ft and trying to understand how long it’ll take us!
  12. What size roller would you use? We are using 4", but surprised with how long it takes - maybe we are just slow in comparison to others we have read about.
  13. THat's fantastic! Thank you so much!
  14. I understand now. OK, thanks so much!
  15. We have a walk way on either side right now!
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