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  1. Just an update. Since posting my original post the breakers have not tripped. With electrical tape I did Insulate the ends of the loose led indicator cables for the unused breakers.
  2. Sorry for the late reply, Tony. No sharp movements or heavy vibration... Though to test this, I gave the wooden panel upon which the breakers are mounted a moderate beating with a rubber mallet... The breakers were unaffected. My wife thinks I'm going mad. No breakers tripping all of yesterday... Charged the batteries with the generator with no apparent issue. Fridge doing its thing quite happily... Intermittent faults... Infuriating
  3. Ah, yes that would be concerning 😬
  4. I have a feeling you might be on to something here...
  5. Yeah, you're right... Not noticed that
  6. Sorry... They take positive from the load side of the breaker and deliver it to the LEDs. My multimeter reads 0 voltage between the terminals at the end of the disconnected cables and negative. I will tape them up anyway.
  7. Those cables are black but are not negative returns, they are positive feeds to the LEDs. They connect to the positive load side of the breaker on the same lug as the cable to appliance. 3 are disconnected in the photo. These 3 breakers are not in use.
  8. Well, this is what had me thinking... On the load side of the breaker is a positive feed to the indicator led on each breaker. The indicator lights up to say that the circuit is working and goes out when the breaker trips so there is current flowing through the breaker even if the appliance is off.
  9. Hi Sir Nibble, I'm assuming single pole as there is a separate negative bus bar for all negatives... I'm not sure what you mean about the breakers being on load.
  10. Here's a diagram of how I understand our boat to be wired... I've not included battery isolators and engine panel Wiring diagram
  11. Good suggestion... The last thing I installed electric wise was the horns. Before that, the fridge, before that the battery monitor. If my memory serves me correctly I seem to remember this starting after installing the fridge (coolbox)
  12. I've just deliberately shorted the water pump cables to test the breaker. Just the water pump breaker tripped and no others.
  13. Yeah, all breakers physically flicked themselves off
  14. The batteries are far from their prime but I'm pretty sure they ain't dead yet... Last night I tried running all DC appliances at once drawing around 20 amps with no problem at all. Come to think of it we can run a 1000W belt sander from the Inverter without any issues on the DC side A short could be possible. How could I check that? Are you implying that when the DC supply voltage is so low the current will raise to satisfy the demands of the connected appliance beyond the rating of the breaker? Could a brief interruption of the positive supply also cause this?
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