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  1. To let you know that the film has gone live on our Website today www.reelstreets.com With thanks to you once again for all for the help and interesting detail you provided me with. All very absorbing, we learn so much from doing what we do with regard to finding film locations. If anyone is able to provide further information or indeed correct anything with regard to the film please do drop me a line at richard@reelstreets.com Thank you all once again, I know where to come in the future!
  2. What a mine of information, thank you all. It will all be incredibly useful to me when I commence "working" on the film and all your facts will make much more sense to me then. It is one of the joys of Reelstreets when a film brings us in touch with people like yourselves that have knowledge, enthusiasm and related stories. I look forward to viewing the film and coming back into the Forum, thank you all again once more.
  3. Hello Leo I am part of the Website www.reelstreets.com that endeavours to establish locations that have been used in commercially distributed films and am about to start "work" on The End of the Road. In my initial preparations I came across your post regarding the film that has obviously revealed the exact stretch of canal but I am sure that once I set to there will be locations that you could help me with. In particular I refer to your reference to 'lay-by'. I am wondering therefore whether, once I have extracted the screen captures, I could share them with you to help identify. I would
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