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  1. Hi there Good luck with the boat hunt, hope you find something wonderful xx
  2. Thanks everyone for the advice - we are such newbies that I'm pretty sure all our ideas will go out the window very soon. Hubby is now dead set on a layout I don't like; I'm aware of the licence issues regarding Avon and will look at that again more closely. It's all getting complicated......
  3. Hi there Thanks so much for the advice, I really appreciate it Aunti Sam
  4. Hi everybody - it seems like I've stirred up a hornets nest (pun intended), with my first couple of posts. Not sure how to reply individually so will answer everything here - Hi Rob-M - Which Avon: my brother lives close to Stratford-Upon-Avon, we live in Johannesburg, South Africa so that is something I will have to investigate further when we relocate soon. Hi Boater Sam - our intention is to CC at first and enjoy the scenery. Hi Ditchcrawler - thank you for your comments. Hi Mark99 - many thanks for your welcome no, not especially dead set on a cruiser stern but would enjoy some 'outside' space Hi Restless Nomad - thanks so much for your welcome take care Hi TheMenagerieAfloat - thank you for your comments, we are still just looking and live about 6000kms away so will research properly on site - two OAPs and two teeny geriatric dogs, thanks Hi Gayzingalone - Hey there Neil! I've lived in SA since the 70s so relocating back to UK is going to be quite interesting! Its about 30 C here - pretty warm but not as humid as where you are I'm coming over in a couple of months to do boat hunting and hubby will join me later in the year so there is a good chance we will meet up, that would be great! Take care and hopefully connect soon Have a brilliant 2020 too! phew!
  5. Hi! thanks so much for your reply! Yes, I think asking silly questions is better than finding out you've been barking up the wrong tree. We're looking at getting a second-hand +/- 57' narrowboat with a cruiser stern, standard layout and will start off in the Avon area since my brother lives there. I've been researching as much as I can and it seems that, as much research as you do, it still depends on the boat.
  6. Hi there My name is Aunti Sam. Myself and hubby intend to buy a boat this year, we are both retired and looking forward to a new adventure so I'll be asking silly questions for a bit...
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