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  1. Hi all, Is Bosley still operating on restricted days / hours? Keith
  2. I am not normally one to make recommendations, been bit too many times, however, I can not recommend Justin Green enough, he did a fantastic job for me and picked up issues that other people over the years had clearly missed. True professional and very accommodating.
  3. Living minutes away from Harecastle Tunnel, I can confirm that at least one boat has passed through and the young lady at the south entrance was cutting the grass the other day when I cycled past.
  4. Hi Chambo, Appreciate that this is an old post be did you ever resolve this issue as I have a similar issue on a LPWS2? Regards, Keith.
  5. Hi, Just to add to all of the other comments, I have just purchased my first all steel boat and IMO if you have this level of concern, I would walk away, as someone else pointed out, there are many boats for sale. On the point of surveyors, I use Justin Green who was on the list at Calcutt boats from where I purchased mine and can't recommend him highly enough. A jolly nice chap, very accommodating and very thorough, I mean VERY thorough. I can honestly say that if and when I purchase another boat, even if it was out of his immediate area, I would be more th
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