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  1. Thanks again all- plenty of food for thought!! South Oxford seems like a good starting point, and isn't a million miles from either.
  2. Thanks all - some really good advice. I'll take a look at the suggestions and see what the boss like the look of. I would boat on a muddy puddle so i'm easily pleased. Cheers
  3. Hi All, I haven't been on a narrow boat for many many years but used to go a lot with my school when i was young and fit. My wife has never been and i want to get her hooked on cruising. I would like to take her on a short break 3 or 5 nights somewhere very pretty with easy locks to navigate. I have shown her the Shropshire union on you tube and she likes that very much. I am conscious of that canal being quite tight and narrow - & as we are total novice boaters would this be suitable? Our/My long term aim is to get a boat and cruise full time. But want to get a much better understanding of boat handling and life on the water before taking the plunge. Any advice on hire companies and locations very gratefully received. Many Thanks, Jeff
  4. Good mooring all, I wont bore you all with my life story- I used to live near a canal in my youth, and spent nearly all my free time fishing the canal and rivers in my area and every opportunity i would go on narrow boat holidays with my school and family. My wife has never been on a narrow boat, but i have shown her some tempting youtube videos of some very pretty canals, which she has fallen in love with. I plan to take her for some short breaks to ease her into narrowboats and hopefully get her hooked. I have done the K+A canal and the four counties ring previously - but always with experienced boaters. I'm looking for suggestions for easy 3 or 5 day cruises with easy locks to get us into the swing of things and learn the ropes. If there is a better place to ask the question above please let me know. many thanks Jeff
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