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  1. Hi Scholar Gypsy- That looks really lovely!! thanks for the link. Do you use an anchor on the Nene and great Osue when you moor up?
  2. Hi thanks for the info- do you go through Whittlesey?
  3. Hi All, Sorry for the stupid question, but ive read a few posts on here about boating around the great ouse and St Ives & i wondered (i am total newby) can you get a say 55" narrow boat to St Ives or Huntingdon back on to the main canal network? Ive loked at the CRT map and i am a littl eunsure? many thanks,
  4. Thanks again all- plenty of food for thought!! South Oxford seems like a good starting point, and isn't a million miles from either.
  5. Thanks all - some really good advice. I'll take a look at the suggestions and see what the boss like the look of. I would boat on a muddy puddle so i'm easily pleased. Cheers
  6. Hi All, I haven't been on a narrow boat for many many years but used to go a lot with my school when i was young and fit. My wife has never been and i want to get her hooked on cruising. I would like to take her on a short break 3 or 5 nights somewhere very pretty with easy locks to navigate. I have shown her the Shropshire union on you tube and she likes that very much. I am conscious of that canal being quite tight and narrow - & as we are total novice boaters would this be suitable? Our/My long term aim is to get a boat and cruise full time
  7. Good mooring all, I wont bore you all with my life story- I used to live near a canal in my youth, and spent nearly all my free time fishing the canal and rivers in my area and every opportunity i would go on narrow boat holidays with my school and family. My wife has never been on a narrow boat, but i have shown her some tempting youtube videos of some very pretty canals, which she has fallen in love with. I plan to take her for some short breaks to ease her into narrowboats and hopefully get her hooked. I have done the K+A canal and the four coun
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